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February 2009

I've just received great news from the recently inaugurated Foreigners' Department in village of Coin in Málaga province: The First Coin Acoustic Blues Festival On April 11th this year, the town of Coin will host its first acoustic blues festival. Scheduled to be an annual event, the festival will feature both local and international musicians. From the USA, Richard Ray Farrell (Philadelphia) & Shar-Baby (Alabama) From Canada, Steve Payne and from the Costa Del Sol, Spinning Coin, Blues & Beyond, and The Hot Gamblers. The event takes place in the Parque Alameda and is being or
Whether you read local or national Spanish dailies, it's becoming impossible to ignore the alarm bells ringing in the health sections. With obesity rates rising and children developing diseases once reserved for middle age, Spaniards are waking up to reality: the "American Diet" is threatening to wipe out the Mediterranean Diet. And that's a fact. As an American living in Spain, I feel like I'm watching history repeat itself. I grew up when these same alarm bells were starting to ring in the United States.