All new: The Chestnut Museum!

This is something we will all have to go see. The tiny village of Pujerra in the Ronda mountains (Serranía de Ronda) is working hard to produce a museum that features nothing but chestnuts. You might be amazed, but there really does appear to be enough information about chestnuts to fill a three story traditional village building in the centre of the pueblo. By November or December of this year (2009) the mayor of Pujerra hopes the new centre will be open to the public - that's us! And we'll be able to learn all about the chestnut itself and different methods of harvest - including traditional methods and tools used in the past - and processing. The museum will also share local legends related to this most cherished fruit. Seven years ago, "Chestnut Day" (Día del Castaño) was inaugurated in Pujerra. That is a festival that is celebrated quite fervently throughout many inland villages (and sometimes on nearer the coast in villages like Ojen, in Málaga province) where locals offer roasted chestnuts and traditional drinks like anis in a toast to the year's chestnut crop. Chestnut Day is celebrated in late October and early November, depending on each village's schedule, so you have plenty of time to prepare. You might begin by reading more about chestnuts in Andalucia! clomid and multiple follicles
Blog published on 27 May 2009