La Noche en Blanco - late-night culture-fest in Sevilla

This Friday night, 26 October, Seville is holding a "Noche en Blanco", a night-time cultural festival. It's a full evening programme of events being held throughout the city, embracing all disciplines: literature, music, art, sculpture, at over 30 locations. Just to the north of the Setas, otherwise known as Metropol Parasol, is a group of shops known as Regina Market, which encompasses the (classical) Latin-sounding Calles Regina and Viriato. On Calle Viriato is a shop and gallery, Wabi Sabi, one of a growing number of fashion/vintage/interior/art emporia springing up around the city. Their evening's activities give a flavour of the variety on offer. Artist Patricio Hidalgo will show a work called "Ciudades, Caminos" (Cities, Paths) which starts with a video, followed by live painting inspired by poems of Baudelaire and Lorca, among others. After this you can watch a flamenco performance along the same theme. All this will be accompanied by Bodegas Robles' organic Montilla Moriles wines. Other shops in this area which will be open for the night include Un Gato en Bicicleta and La Seta Coqueta (both in calle Regina), and Vestida de Azul (calle Candilejo). There will also be happenings in Soho Benita, the group of shops and galleries the other side of the Setas, with special events planned in Le Voilà, Delimbo ArtSpace, La Importadora, Habanita, Kinema and Isadora. Antiquarium, the archaeological museum under the Setas, will be open free of charge, as will the inquisition museum in Triana, officially known as Castillo San Jorge. Next door, in Triana market, will be theatrical activities from CasaLa Teatro. Open to the public for the first time, will be the aljibe (water tank) in Plaza de la Pescaderia, in Alfalfa. Other organisations which will be taking part by staying open late (many until 2am) include the Casa de las Ciencias, in the Pabellon de Peru, which will hold a conference 'Luise Cernuda y la generación del Mediodía'; and the nearby Fundacion Madariaga; the Casino de la Exposicion with its exhibition 'Arte y Provocación. Miguel de Molina'; and new space, the Centro de Interpretacion de la Juderia de Sevilla, in barrio Santa Cruz (calle Jimenez Encisco). The Centro de las Artes de Sevilla will also be taking part with special dance peformances. The exhibition of Roman life in Seville, called Romanorum Vita, in Plaza San Francisco next to the Ayuntamiento, will stay open late. In addition, you can go on various cultural routes, including Patrimonio Industrial (the glass factory on Avenida de Miraflores); a walk from the Fabrica de Tabacos, via the cathedral and Ayuntamiento, ending up at Castillo San Jorge; a walk through Santa Cruz; and a Roman route, leaving from Plaza de la Pescaderia So much to see and do, I don't know where to start! What grabs you? For the latest information (the confirmed programme will be announced shortly), including full details, times and locations of events, see
Blog published on 22 October 2012