May Flowers

In English we say, "April showers bring May flowers." In Spanish they say,"Marzo ventoso y abril lluvioso hace de mayo florido y hermoso." (Windy March and rainy April make May flowery and beautiful." It's May. Andalucia is covered in flowers, and we have the festivals the prove it. Everything is coinciding this month. The May crosses in Córdoba, with their flower covered crosses competing for prizes throughout the city. Many towns, villages and cities throughout our region will also have these colourful, fragrant contests going on. Then we have the Patio Festival in Córdoba, where residents open up their private patios to the public to show off their spring greenery, flowers and decorations. The Córdoba fair also happens this month. And then there is Corpus Christi - a region-wide religious celebration that is fused with the fair in Granada. That usually happens in June, but thanks to such an early Easter this year, everything is happening in May. And don't forget the Rocio pilgrimage and the Virgen de la Cabeza celebration in Ronda. Every one of these events makes for a perfect opportunity to get to know this region better, to mix with locals and to get out and enjoy the fresh spring air. This year, we have most definitely had all the wind and rain necessary to bring us an ideal, sunny, flowery May. So what are you waiting for?
Blog published on 1 May 2008