Patios of Cordoba open over Christmas

Last week it was announced that the Patios of Cordoba Festival, which takes place every year in May, has been added to UNESCO's list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, joining other Spanish entries flamenco and the Mediterranean diet. But you don't have to wait till spring to see these 50 or so stunning courtyards of private homes and corrales de vecinos (communal courtyards), whose walls are covered in an array of colourful blooms in cobalt-blue pots. While the flowers are at their best at that time of year, with tumbling masses of pink petals cascading down brilliant white walls and wooden balconies onto cobbled floors, creating an almost-too-picturesque scene, a select few are opening for two weeks over the Christmas period. From yesterday (19 December) until 4 January, as last year, visitors can see the patios, which will be decked out seasonally, from Christmas trees resplendent in baubles, to choirs singing villancicos (flamenco-type Christmas songs). The addresses of the patios which are open are as follows: Duque de la Victoria, 3; Isabel II, 1; Pozanco, 6; Pastoras, 2; Juan Tocino, 3; Frailes, 6; San Juan de Palomares, 11; Carbonell y Morand, 20; and San Basilio, 50. In this video, about the recent UNESCO decision, you can get an idea of how blooming marvellous the patios are.
Blog published on 18 December 2012