Semana Santa in pictures

This year, Semana Santa all across Andalucia has, yet again, been adversely affected by the weather. Rain stopped pasos from coming out to do their processions in cities like Malaga, Granada and Sevilla, on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
Yesterday, to the delight of many, all eight hermandades made their processions through the streets of Seville. Holy Week inspires extreme reactions - people either stay in the city for the duration, because they love it, and want to see their favourite pasos as they make their way from church to cathedral and back again, accompanied by a band and hooded nazarenos; or they get out of town to avoid all the noise and crowds.
I sit on the fence: I don't live in the centre, so I don't have to negotiate the packed streets, or suffer the "boom boom boom" of the drums; I love seeing a few processions, for a few hours, but that's enough for me. After that, it's off to another part of Andalucia for an Easter break with my family.
If you've never seen Semana Santa, it will seem strange, exotic and/or possibly slightly sinister. As I said, it provokes strong responses in those who experience it, or even see the photos.
Here are some hooded nazarenos, arriving at the university (formerly the Fabrica de Tabacos, whereCarmen and her friends rolled cigarettes) and a paso in the Seville barrio of San Bernardo.

Blog published on 5 April 2012