Gold Embroidery - See it in action

Francisco Carrera Iglesias © Michelle Chaplow
Master embroiderer, Francisco Carrera Iglesias - this charming, cultured artisan is the youngest Sevillano ever to have a street named after him. (Click to enlarge images) © Michelle Chaplow
See behind the scenes of Semana Santa. © Michelle Chaplow
Francisco is a great host, opening his doors for visitors to see the artesans in action.

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GOLD Embroidery

by Fiona Flores Watson

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See the artisans in action

A dynamic businessman and tireless promoter of Seville's artesan workshops, Francisco is planning to create an association for religious artisans in the city - sculptors, gold and silversmiths, and embroiderers, who number around 50. He is passionate about informing people as to his artisan profession, hosting regular visits to the workshop - "Sevillanos don't know anything about how it's done," he laments, while for those who are visiting it's a unique opportunity to learn about an unknown skill, because often they "don't have it in their country."

His position in Seville, as someone so closely associated with Semana Santa and its superb workmanship, has led to a street in his barrio, Cerro de Aguila, being named after him - the youngest-ever Sevillano to be honoured in this way.

Francisco also feels strongly about the need for a museum explaining the extraordinary annual event that is Semana Santa in Seville, so essential to the city's character, in order that visitors who don't have the opportunity to experience it for themselves, can still learn about it. The idea has been mooted over the years, but never with a concrete plan - after recently-opened new museums in the city about flamenco and azulejos (ceramic tiles), it's a no-brainer to show visitors the essence of Holy Week. Francisco's new association will seek to get the project moving - and judging from his drive and enthusiasm, not to mention his excellent contacts, the museum had a good chance of becoming reality.

You can visit Francisco Carrera Iglesias's workshop (groups of 15 people maximum); visits usually take place on Tuesdays. Call 954 223 282 to make an appointment.