Inside five small dolmens (standing stones) can be viewed. They are original and date from about 3,000 BC. Also on display are a number of pottery vessels, stone tools, arrowheads, axes, personal ornaments, necklace beads made of semi-precious stones and perforated seashells. The skulls and skeletons and other bones on display are reproductions as the originals are preserved.

There are a number of privately operated heath clinics in Estepona for patients to go without referal as an alternative to the state health service.  The state run facility is called the 'Ambulatorio' and located on Avenida Juan Carlos, it has a 24hr emergency wing as well as the daytime medical appointment facilities.  The state hospital for Estepona is Hospital Costa del Sol in Marbella. 

From the outside of the Orquidario, the state of the art building complete with three glass domes is eye catching, and from the inside it is pretty impressive too. There is much to catch your eye from the moment you step inside, from the 30m high central glass dome (the other two domes are 6m and 16m high) to the stunning display of plants.

This five-star luxury hotel offers a wellbeing programme with five meals and only 1300 calories per day, created by two-Michelin-star chef Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz restaurant. It boasts a 3000 m2 of state-of-the art spa, a beautiful outdoor pool which is heated all year around, and front line views to the Mediterranean, all in a totally private, tranquil oasis in Andalucía, yet close to the glamorous resort of Marbella.

Located in the southwest part of Malaga province, the Sierra Bermeja is a mountain range with an average height of 1,000m (its highest point being 1,450m), covering 1,236ha. It is an area that has undergone major volcanic activity; the rocks are rich in the olivine mineral. Rainwater has oxidised the iron and magnesium present in the rocks and the iron oxide has coloured the rock reddish-ginger, a hue that gives the sierra its name.

Selwo is a fascinating adventure in contact with nature. The park covers 100 hectares and is home to more than 2,000 animals from the five continents. The animals live in liberty, recreating their natural habitat - you can see lions, rhinos and giraffes; gnus, cheetahs, red pandas, meekats, and the endangered Iberian lynx; also birds such as hornbill, ibis, stork and crane. Visitors are taken on a four-hour tour, on foot and in four-wheel drive trucks.

Although named ‘Puro Beach Marbella', this beach club is actually located further west along the coast in the Laguna Village complex at Playa El Padron just west of the Kempinski Hotel and Estepona town.

Most of the shops are situated in the town centre on Calle Real or Calle Terraza. There is a wide variety, including boutiques, souvenir shops, delicatessens, stationers and bakeries.

With an population of 70,000, Estepona is one of the few coastal towns that has succeeded in maintaining its pueblo charm and character. Notwithstanding, all the tourist facilities are here, including hotels, restaurants, leisure and cultural activities, and shops.