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A new skyline for Estepona, with the emblematic dome of the Orchid Museum.
A new skyline for Estepona, with the emblematic dome of the Orchid Museum © Michelle Chaplow

Things to See and Do in Estepona

Estepona is the fishing village with lots of character and an interesting history, reflected by the large number of fascinating old buildings in town. However if you are more interested in the present than the past, don't worry, there is plenty for everyone to experience and enjoy.

Drivers on the A-7 Coastal highway east of Estepona will have seen the silver capped tower against the blue sky and wondered what the building was.  The answer is the first ever purpose-built… More →

Marbella is well known as the favourite destination in Andalucia amongst the international jet-set crowd and the very rich and famous. Often referred to as Spain’s equivalent of Saint-Tropez, the… More →

Sadly the Laguna village complex was distroyed by fire on the afternoon of Saturday 29-08-2020. The bush fire started 500m away on the mountain side of the coast road in the area of the derilect… More →

The 'Andalucian Poets Passage' is an interesting concept and is also called Jardin de los Poetas Andaluces (Garden of the Andalucia Poets). The casual passer-by walking down Calle Jesús Cautivo… More →

The Museo de Arte de la Diputación de Estepona opened in February 2018 and is known as MAD for short. It exhibits 49 paintings from 21st century Spanish artists. Artists include Dadi Dreucol,… More →

The Rainbow Steps in Estepona are a colourful yet little-known attraction, just off the Avenida del Mar. You won’t find the escalera arco iris (marked on maps as part of Arrabal las Mesas or… More →

In Estepona, at either end of the Playa La Rada, you can find a number of fishing boats filled with sand which are used for moragas. A moraga is a night-time barbeque party, usually held on the… More →

The Casa de las Tejerinas is a stately house in the centre of Estepona in the Plaza de los Flores. It was owned by the Tejerinas sisters and became a hospital for the poor. It was taken over by… More →

Andalucia.com, the most highly visited and longest established website about southern Spain, celebrated its 20th anniversary on 17th April 2016. The anniversary was marked by a Media day with a '… More →

Inside five small dolmens (standing stones) can be viewed. They are original and date from about 3,000 BC. Also on display are a number of pottery vessels, stone tools, arrowheads, axes, personal… More →

The Sierra Bermeja mountain (1.449m) dominates the landscape behind Estepona. There are few places in the world where a mountain reaches this height so close to the sea (10km) You can drive to… More →

From the outside of the Orquidario, the state of the art building complete with three glass domes is eye catching, and from the inside it is pretty impressive too. There is much to catch your eye… More →

Estepona’s Route of Artistic Murals is an iniciative of the local council and the mayor, Jose Maria Garcia Urbano that was started in September 2012. It now consists of about 70 murals in the town… More →

This five-star luxury hotel offers a wellbeing programme with five meals and only 1300 calories per day, created by two-Michelin-star chef Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz restaurant. It boasts a 3000… More →

Estepona has a policy of commissioning sculptures by contemporary artists in different location in the town centre for the enjoyment of tourist and residents alike. Here is a list: Plaza de Las… More →

Stoa Galería de Arte Permanent displays of contemporary art can be seen at the Stoa Galería de Arte where many temporary exhibitions are also held. Museo de Arte de la Diputación de Estepona The… More →

The Estepona Marina is situated at the west end of the seafront promenade. This is a very pleasant place for a stroll and there are some magnificent boats moored here. There are also a wide variety… More →

Estepona is home to a wide range of golf courses that are enjoyable and challenging for both novices and professionals to enjoy. As well as the golf courses mentioned below there is also a… More →

The bullring dates back to 1972 and, from within, resembles the typical concrete architecture of this era. From the outside it is more interesting, due to the unique asymmetric design created by… More →

A lighthouse has stood on the natural limestone headland known as Punta Doncella at the west end of La Rada beach in Estepona since an 8,5 metre structure was completed by engineer Antonio Molina… More →

Selwo is a fascinating adventure in contact with nature. The park covers 100 hectares and is home to more than 2,000 animals from the five continents. The animals live in liberty, recreating their… More →

In the up-market areas of Andalucia, a growing trend has evolved for a beach life quite different from the simple pleasures of buckets and spades, cool boxes and fold-away deck chairs. Many simple… More →

Estepona has a varied selection of restaurants both in the town itself and in the surrounding areas. In the cobbled streets of the old town you will find many good quality tapas bars and… More →

The church of Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios is close by in the Plaza San Francisco. It was built in the 18th Century of local sandstone, which is rich in iron ore. As you walk around the outside… More →

There is little left to see of the great castle which once stood at the heart of Estepona, and what remains is not now readily apparent, but it is possible to trace the ruins around the high… More →

Plaza de las Flores has had a number of names over the years, beginning as Plaza Real, it became in turn Plaza de la Constitución, Plaza de José Antonio and finally (at least for now), Plaza de… More →

This 2km beach is bounded at the west by the Torre de la Sal headland and runs to the next headland at Bahia Dorada; it is about 40m wide. Not overly busy, this is mainly used by the residents of… More →

Estepona like so many villages in Southern Spain was fought over by the moors and the Christians until it was finally captured by the Enrique IV of Castile in 1457. He ordered the building of a… More →

Most of the shops are situated in the town centre on Calle Real or Calle Terraza. There is a wide variety, including boutiques, souvenir shops, delicatessens, stationers and bakeries. Laguna… More →

There are about 100 different watchtowers (Torre Vigia or Torre Atalaya or Torre Almenara) along the coast of Southern Spain. Some are of Moorish origins others from date from the later Christian… More →

The hermitage building was built at the beginning of the nineteenth century, with records dating back to 1829. It is believed that this hermitage was at first constructed for lepers who were… More →

Estepona has several small museums devoted to its history and culture as as an agricultural town: Bullring, three of the museums are located in the Bullring oposite the entrance to the port (… More →

See below a selection of excellent group excursions from Costa del Sol with Viator, perfect opportunities to see the major attractions in Andalucia without the hassle of having to organise it… More →

Read more about the archaeological sites in Estepona: Castillo del Nicio, Ermita del Calvario, Torre del Reloj, Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, Plaza de las Flores, Runias del Castillo de San Luís… More →

There are a number of beautifully landscaped and enjoyable public parks in Estepona. Plaza de las Flores: Traditional square in the centre of the old town where you can sit on one of the many… More →

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