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Estepona - Torre de Arroyo Vaquero

Torre de Arroyo Vaquero

There are actually two Torre de Arroyo Vaquero both named arter the small river that runs nearby.

The older one is also known as  Torre Nazari Arroyo Vaquero or the Moorish Tower Arroyo Vaquero 

Arroyo Vaquero Moorish tower is located in a place called Torrequebrada, in the middle of the Estepona municipal golf club. This is the driving range, nearby and not to be confused with Estepona Golf Club.  The tower is of square construction about 8 m high.

The Califato de Córdoba need to watch the coast of al- Andalus to defend against raids by other groups from North Africa. It is not certain when the Torre de Arrouyo vaquero was first constructed.    Perhaps in the time of the Kingdom of Taifas, or that of the Nazarí de Granada, or even later in the time of Sultan Yusuf I in the first half of the thirteenth century.  

Strangely it is located about 1km inland and does not afford particularly good views of the coastline.


Torre Vigia Arroyo Vaquero

The newer Torre Vigia Arroyo Vaquero is located within the 1970's Bahia Dorada urbanization close to the beach. It can be accessed by the public. This is of the circular construction that was used for the towers after the reconquest.