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Estepona - Conference & Exhibition Hall

The modern Estepona Conference and Exhibition Hall is located to the east of the town on the main road entry. It comprises is a 3.000 square meter open-plan hall which can be subdivided for different events and conferences. A second pavilion with a surface of 500 m2 offers a completely equipped conference lounge with a capacity for 200 people.


This is where exhibitions and trade shows are held, as well as special events, such as fashion shows.

All are welcome as indicated by the flags of nations flying proudly outside and the landscaping in front which combines a duck pond and golf hole (for the use of celebrities and special occasions only).

A more traditional statue has been erected at the entrance to the town as a focal point of the roundabout. This figure is both farmer and fisherman - a tribute to the two main sources of the town's wealth.

Elder residents will remember that the statue was originally located on the seafront promenade, opposite the former grand fountain of Ave Juan Carlos. Now it is admired by motorists and obviously too many judging by the number of vehicles that crash into it! The provision of a large safety barrier which would obscure the statue (while protecting it) is a subject of furious debate throughout the local bars.

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