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Orientation & Tourist Office

Orientation & Tourist Office

Estepona is located on the coast about 20km west of Marbella. The town has a bypass for through traffic along the coast. The town is best entered from the east (slip road off A-7 coastal highway then under bridge) or from the west turn right at 'Estepona' km 152 roundabout by Shell petrol station.You will now be entering the town via the old coast road.

There are two other entrances (km155) one leading directly into Ave Juan Carlos the other (km 153) into the industrial estate before joining Ave Juan Carlos.

From the East

You will enter via the Avenide de Literal dual carriageway which leads to an ornamental planted area in the centre. On the right is the bus station,  Palacio de Congresos on the right Carrefour, the towns largest supermarket on the left hand side. On the right is a free car parking area. The road then drops down affording the sight of the expansive La Rada beach.

Continue along the seafront. there is an underground car park here (1.90€ an hour or 17€ a day) until you see some buildings on your left hand side. At the traffic lights, turn right to enter the centre of the old town. Continue straight on to the big roundabout with the fountain in the centre. This is Avenida Juan Carlos I. For the other underground car park turn round here and head back the way you cameand before the seafron buildings on the right hand side turn right into the underground car park, (1.90€ an hour or 17€ a day) located under the seafront promenade. Continue straight on in the direction of the lighthouse for the Marina and the bullring.

From the West

As you enter via the dual carriageway with the ornamental landscaped area in the centre, take note of the police station (local) on your left. Just after this, you will see the Marina on your right and, a little further on the bullring on the opposite side of the road.

You may want to park in the marina area and have a look around. Continue along the seafront until you see Banco Sabadell (blue sign) on the left hand side, with a fountain in the centre of the roundabout. This is Avenida Juan Carlos. Continue along the sea front until another set of traffic lights and turn right into the underground car park (1.90€ an hour or 17€ a day) which is located under the seafront promenade.

Estepona Tourist Office in Plaza de las Flores. © Sophie Carefull
Estepona Tourist Office in Plaza de las Flores.

Tourist office

"Oficina de Turismo Centro" is in the centre of the old town in Plaza de las Flores, Casa de las Tejerinas (in a building that used to be known as Casa de la Cultura). It is open on Mondays from 09.00 to 15.00, Tuesday to Friday 09.00 to 20.00 and Saturdays 10.00 to 15.00. Closed Sundays. Opening times vary from summer to winter, these current times are as of winter 2018. 

"Oficina de Turismo Puerto" located opposite the entrance to the Marina closed in July 2016 and resources were concentrated on Oficina de Turismo Centro in the town centre.  

Oficina de Turismo
Plaza de las Flores, s/n
29680 Estepona
Tel: 952 80 20 02
[email protected]

Town Hall

The old town hall was located in Plaza Blas Infante in the old town It now houses an archaelogical museum. The functioning town hall including the Mayor's office and many of the departments such as Urbanismo (town planning) Estadísticas (electoral register) and Recaudación (rates and local taxes) are located in Edificio Puerto Sol opposite the bullring in the port near the light house.

Post offices

The main office is on the seafront promenade near the centre of the old town. The collection of parcels and 'Lista de Correos' take place here. There is another post office in an area known as Huerta Nueva, west of Avenida Juan Carlos.