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Casa de las Tejerinas

Casa de las Tejerinas © Gonzalo Alvarez
Casa de las Tejerinas

Casa de las Tejerinas

The Casa de las Tejerinas is a stately house in the centre of Estepona in the Plaza de los Flores. It was owned by the Tejerinas sisters and became a hospital for the poor. It was taken over by the town hall and renovated in the 1980's to become the 'Casa de la Cultura' where cultural events such as art exhibitions, courses, lectures  took place. Around 2005 cultural activity moved to the larger but less interesting Centro Cultural Padre Manuel and the Casa de las Tejerinas housed the Garó Art collection.

In July 2016 the Garó collection moved out and the building now houses the MAD Estepona (Museum Art of the Diputation of Malaga province).

The central Tourist info Office is conveniently located in the entrance to the Casa de las Tejerinas 


Casa de las Tejerinas, Plaza de las Flores, Estepona.