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Estepona - Collection Garo

Collection Garo

This artistic collection was donated by Angel Garó, comprises of more than 300 pieces from the 15th century to the present day. It includes oils, drawings, prints, sculptures, ceramics and ivory and some furniture and decorations.

The collection includes an oil on canvas of Mariano Salvador Maella entitled "Ascension of the Virgin" dating from the XVIII century. Garó includes a collection of drawings and handwritten notes from the historical painter and portraitist of Queen Victoria of England, George Hayter.

"Amigas" A nude study of two women dressing, by Jorge Owen Wynne Apperley (Isle of White 1884 - Tanger 1960) who lived and painted for many years in the Albaicin and Sacromonte of Granada, is one of his tamer works.

The collection also includes Picasso signed prints (including "Sculptor, model and sculpted bust", "Three Stars" and "resting Women"; works by Rafael Alberti ("Odalisque") as well as parts of Federico García Lorca ( "winking Pierrot" and "Woman with madroñera") Of the sculptures a highlight is "St. Joseph with the baby Jesus" by Pedro de Mena, "Child of Passion" by José de Mora.


The collection was housed in the Casa de las Tejerinas (previously called  'Casa de la Cultura') in Plaza de las Flores for a number of years untill July 2016. We do not know where it is currently located.