Estepona Bullring

Estepona Bullring © Gonzalo Alvarez
Estepona Bullring

Estepona Bullring

The Estepona bullring dates back to 1972 and, from within, resembles the typical concrete architecture of this era. From the outside it is more interesting, due to the unique asymmetric design created by Juan Moro Urbano, the exterior is landscaped to allow access to the upper terraces without the necessity of steps. This is unique in Spain. The first bullfighter to fight in Estepona was Antonio Ordonez. 

The bullring also houses the Municipal Museums of Bullfighting and a Museum of Agriculture, Fossils, Archaelogy and Cinema.


At a peak there were about 16 bullfights held annually, usually on Sunday afternoons, nowadays there is only one or two a year. One takes place on the Sunday of the town's feria at the beginning of July.


The bullring is also used as a concert venue during the summer months. Monica Naranjos, Electric Light Orchestra, Helen Shapiro, Sarah Baras, Paco de Lucia, Kool and the Gang, Boney M, George McRae, Yes have all performed here. In the summer a open air cinema is held inside the bullring.

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