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Pasaje Poetas Andaluces

The 'Andalucian Poets Passage' © Michelle Chaplow
The 'Andalucian Poets Passage' of Estepona

Pasaje Poetas Andaluces


The 'Andalucian Poets Passage' is an interesting concept and is also called Jardin de los Poetas Andaluces (Garden of the Andalucia Poets).  The casual passer-by walking down Calle Jesús Cautivo and glancing into the garden will be forgiven for thinking they are transformed back to the middle ages or Game of Thrones set where the heads of criminals are impaled on stakes.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The garden was opened in April 2017 and after a ruined building was demolished a passage was opened which could connect Calle Jesús Cautivo with Plaza Mario Vargas Llosa. 

In the garden there are twelve bronze at head height on marble pillars created by the artist Elena Lunas.

One of the poets Carlos Murciano, was present at the opening.

The poets represented Carlos Murciano, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Vicente Alexandre, Luis Cernuda, Luis Rosales, Leopoldo de Luís, Rafael Montesinos, Francisco Garfias, Alfonso Canales, Luis Jiménez Martos, Fernando Quiñones y Antonio Hernández.

A ceramic on the wall  encompases the words of  Juan Ramón Jiménez, Nobel literatura prize winner. This ceramic has been sponsored by one of the poets in the garden Carlos Murciano who himself won the Premio Nacional de Poesía (Spanish National Poetry prize)  in  1970 and Premio Nacional de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil (Spanish National Children's Literature prize) in 1982. 

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