La Torre del Reloj - Estepona

The emblematic Estepona clock tower © Gonzalez Alvarez
The emblematic Estepona clock tower

La Torre del Reloj - Estepona

by David Wood and Chris Wawn

Estepona like so many villages in Southern Spain was fought over by the moors and the Christians until it was finally captured by the Enrique IV of Castile in 1457. He ordered the building of a church on the site of the old Mosque.

The church was completed around 1473. It was the oldest ecclesiastical building on the Costa del Sol, but was destroyed in the Lisbon earthquake of 1755. The parrish moved to the newly built church of the Monestry (now Iglesia de los Remedios) rather than reconstruct, so only the clock tower survives. In the late 18th Century a neo-classical dome was added.

Notice the sundial on the southern face and the modern clock added in the 1940s

Inevitably since the site is now a school, the square is noisy in the week and a popular choice for the playing of football. 

Concerts take place in the square and on the bandstand on summer evenings.


Plaza de la Reloj