eScooter and eBike Hire in Estepona

eScooter and eBike Hire in Estepona near entrance to Marina (c) Michelle Chaplow
eScooter and eBike Hire in Estepona near entrance to Marina

eScooter and eBike Hire in Estepona

peddle assisted eBike and escooter

A pay per ride peddle assisted eBike and eScooter hire was introduced in Estepona town in August 2022. There are 125 vehicles, half eBikes and half eScooters.

The town hall awarded the concession to the provider Dott who also have vehicles in Malaga and Madrid and may other European cites.

Pick up and parking points

There are 32 pick up and parking points in the Estepona town area. They reach to the bus station in the east, Seghers district (by the local police station) in the west, by the recinto ferial (fairground) and Calle Guillermo Skate and BMX park in the north, entrance to the Marina (by Puertosol) in the south. These parking areas are located on the pavement and marked by a green ‘box’ painted on the ground.

Here is a list. They are all identified on the Dott App which also indicates the numbe rof eBikes and eScooters currently available at each location.

  • Avenida del Carmen - Urbanización Seghers
  • Avenida del Carmen - Puertosol Building
  • Plaza ABC
  • Avenida de España- junction with Avenida Juan Carlos I
  • Avenida de España- Plaza García Caparrós
  • Calle Terraza- Plaza Antonia Guerrero
  • Plaza del Ajedrez
  • Augusto Suárez de Figueroa Square
  • La Constitución Park
  • Avenida de España, Plaza Ortíz
  • Avenida Andalucía - Old Cemetery
  • Avenida Litoral - Bus Station
  • Avenida Andalucí a- Glorieta Guitarrista Paco Javier Jimeno
  • Avenida Andalucía crossing with Avenida de Los Reales
  • Avenida Andalucía - El Calvario Park
  • Avenida Andalucía junction with Avenida Juan Carlos I
  • Avenida Juan Carlos I crossroads with Camino del Padre Cura
  • Camino del Padre Cura junction with Gregorio Marañón street
  • El Carmen Sports Centre
  • El Carmen Park
  • Avenida Puerta del Mar crossroads with Carlos Cano Street
  • Avenida Puerta del Mar crossroads with Calle Ortega y Gasset
  • Polonia Street - Parque de Los Niños
  • Avenida Juan Carlos I- Residencial Los Corales
  • Athletics Stadium
  • San Fernando football pitch
  • Mar de Alborán Secondary School
  • Guillermo Cabrera Street - junction with Espronceda Street
  • Calle Terraza - National Police Station
  • Sierra Estepona residential complex
  • Camino de Los Molinos- La Lobilla Health Centre
  • Camino Vereda de los Frailes - crossroads with Avenida Segovia

The bike may only be collected and deposited at the end of the ride in these specific 32 places. However it is possible to pause a ride; for a coffee or shop stop. The pause feature last up to 60min and disables the bike for other users but the ride charge continues.

Certain local areas are out of bounds, such as the seafront promenade and a couple of parks. The vehicle's GPS will disable the bike in these areas.

Legal aspects

The General Traffic Regulations set the maximum speed in residential areas at 10 kilometres per hour and 25 kilometres per hour on urban roads and crossings, with drivers having to give priority to pedestrians in all cases. Bike helmets are recommended but not obligitory on municipal roads in Spain. In March 2022, the reformed Traffic Law came into force, in its Article 47, established that Scooter users are obliged to wear a protective helmet "in the terms determined by regulation". To date the regulations are not published and aparently discussions are onging with local councils. Insurance for Scooters is definately required; Dott eScooter and eBike hire includes insurance for Spain. Bikes and scooters are not permitted to be riden on pavements nor pedestrian crossings in Spain, only on the roads and in cycle lanes. In practice many Scooter riders do ride on pavements in Estepona and other towns, so do so at risk of a local police fine. Only one person per scooter, no passengers. No animals as passengers and no luggage other than a small shoulder bag or rucksack or anything that fits in the basket if provided. No driving a scooter using headset or a mobile phone.

How to use

To use the service, download and install the ‘Dott’ app and set up an account with a credit card or Pay Pal. The App has a map to advise of the user of the location of all available bikes and scooters and clearly marks the out of bounds areas.

The user simply scans the QR code on the vehicle with the app and within a few seconds a beep is heard to indicated the vehicle is unlocked. On completion of the journey, the vehicles must be parked in one of the 32 parking spaces. The user completes the end of ride page in the app and is asked to take and upload photo to demonstrate that the vehicles has been parked correctly.

Take special care if you are not familiar with electric scooters. There have been several accidents. Understand that the throttle power (thumb lever on the right hand handlebar) does not take effect if the scooter is stationary. The rider must propel the scooter into motion with one leg and GENTLY introduce power at the same time. If the throttle lever is set too high, when the power come on, the scooter will bolt like a horse.


The basic cost in Estepona is 0.33 € (33 cents) per minute which is 3.30€ for a ten minute ride. There is no unlock fee in Estepona. There are pre-paid value passes available:

  • 2 Rides Pass; for two rides of up to 30 mins in 24hrs for 3.99€.
  • Dot Flex unlimited 30-min rides for 2.00€ each
  • Dot Pass; unlimited 30-min rides at 1.00 each for 12.99 € pass.

Free first ride - Dott promo code

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By using this Dott offer will also be given a free ride, which will help up explore Estepona and update the pages.


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