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Estepona - Archaelogical museum

Archaeological Museum

This interesting Archaelogical museum is located in the Casa del Ajibe (still known as old Town Hall) on Plaza Blas Infantes. The museum houses over 400 pieces from several eras, including remains from the Palaeolithic era, some 100.000 years ago and the famous 'Venus de Estepona', a clay figure thought to be over 5,000 years old. Some of the museums prize exhibits are remains from the 'El Torreon" site where Phoenicians settled 2.600 year ago.

There are remains found in most of the Archaeological sites section.

The museum is free entrance and open Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 15.00, Saturday and Sunday closed.


Necropolis Prehistorico de Corominas

This permanent exhibition is in an underground chamber called Prehistoric Necropolis of Crominas beneath and recreated ancient mound. It recreats magalithic funeral architecture including five original dolmen stones over 5000 years old found nearby when the Costa del Sol Motorway was built.  It is located within the Pedrigales Park on the old Estepona to Casares road. (GPS: 36.44731N, 5.20813W)  .  More info on our Necroplis Prehistorico de Corominas page.


Other Archaelogical sites


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