Estepona - La Ermita del Calvario

 © Michelle Chaplow El Calvario, Estepona
El Calvario, Estepona

The hermitage building was built at the beginning of the nineteenth century, with records dating back to 1829.

It is believed that this hermitage was at first constructed for lepers who were encouraged to reside out of town. Since 1875, however, the site was established as a sacred building.  

The original building was distroyed in the Civil War in May 1936 and the present structure rebuilt after the Civil War.   It was restored again in 2003.  There is a small plaza infront of the small chapel which is kept locked.  Casusl visitors can peer in to see the virgin and altar  through the iron railings.  Walking up to La Ermita del Calvario you will notice several unmarked white 'pilar box' size posts which represent the 12 stations of the cross.   El Calvario is also the name of a nearby public park with shady seating areas with their gardens.