La Marisma

La Marisma

La Marisma

La Marisma is the name of a 'comarca' (region or area) in the south west of the province of Seville. It is made up from 4 municipal districts and other small villages.

Isla Mayor

Isla Mayor was known as Villafranco del Guadalquivir up until the year 2000. The town is located close to the Marismas del Bajo Guadalquivir that occupies part of the Doñana National Park. Surrounded by canals, the land was once used to cultivate rice. It has about 5,900 inhabitants.

El Cuervo

El Cuervo de Sevilla was given its name during the Middle Ages and has not since changed. It has about 8,600 inhabitants.


Lebrija is a walled town enjoying panoramic views over the surrounding vineyards. It has about 27, 400 inhabitants.

Las Cabezas de San Juan

Las Cabezas de San Juan overlooks the Guadalquivir wetlands and the Doñana Natural Park to the east. The town was the scene for the 1820 rebellion, led by General Riego, against Fernando VII's monarchy. Just outside Las Cabezas de San Juan is the luxurious Hacienda de San Rafael, a former olive farm with a beautiful patio filled with bright bougainvillaea (please see our accommodation section).