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North West of city

North West of city

Pinos Puente is an ideal destination for nature lovers as well as culture and history lovers. It has six main populated areas, all with their own small traditions and fiestas: Valderrubio, Casanueva, Fuensanta, Trasmulas, Zujáira and Pinos Puente itself. Pinos Puente was home to the famous Spanish poet Federico García Lorca, who lived here during his childhood.

Peligros was very important during the Nasrid dynasty (13th-15th centuries) and for the first few years after the Christian re-conquest, supplying Granada City with many agricultural products. Today, it is home to families who work in the provincial capital. The town is located in the north of the Granada valley and is surrounded by orchards and groves.

Located close to Granada City, Maracena is a predominantly agricultural village. Historically, Maratiena, as it was then known, was an important Roman settlement; it continued to be so during the Moorish era, when it was known as Marasana. Today, the most important building in Maracena is la Iglesia de la Encarnación, a church established in the 16th century by the Catholic Monarchs (Isabella and Ferdinand).

Atarfe is located in a unique natural environment, surrounded by mountains and agricultural land. The village has always been rich in culture, since its roots in the Neolithic era right up to the present day. It is one of the most famous villages in Granada province - its origins date back to around 10th century B.C, making it the earliest settlement in Granada.

Albolote is a village of Nasrid origin (the Muslim dynasty that occupied Granada the 13th to 15th centuries, and built the Alhambra), but remains of Palaeolithic and Roman settlements have also been found here. Its rich landscape is dominated by the Sierra Elvira Mountains, offering yet more interesting routes to take when exploring this village.

Whilst Granada is undoubtedly the most well-known destination, the villages to the north west of the city are extremely interesting in terms of history, culture and environment. Peligros has royal connections and Pinos Puente was the home of famous Spanish author Federico Garcia Lorca.

In the north west of the Granada Province, about 35 kilometres from Granada City, along the N432 towards Cordoba, is the lovely hillside village of Moclín. The situation is hard to beat in terms of historical interest and stunning views from its altitude of 1,065 metres above sea level. It is on the route of the Caliphs and has an impressive 14 th century Moorish Castle looking into the valley.