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Valderrama Golf Course comments

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Golfers comment on the Valderrama Golf Course

"I think Valderrama is an excelent golf course that suits my game. Also I have watched it so many times on television especially when the Volvo Masters was on the air and especially when the Ryder Cup was on the air. Coming in, I played just one practice round and was very comfortable on the golf course.
Jeev Singh, 2006 Champion (29/10/2006)

Jeev Singh

"It has been rather complicated day with the wind. I think to finish a day like this on this course with just one bogey (7th) to me, it means a lot. I only made two bridies, but going out today with just one bogey at Valderrama. Few times, I leave the course saying I could have had a lower score, with the wind as it is, to be below par it Valderrama, it's always a good thing."
Sergio Garcia (26/10/2006)

Sergio Garcia

"I've obviously found Valderrama tough over the years, as a lot of people do. It's a tough course. It's a course that should suit me. It has very good greens. I realy like the greens here. I like the type of puts you get on the greens here. I probably see the difficulty that is hitting the fairways out here in the crosswinds, very narrow fairways, and some of the doglegs obviously have various wind on them at times so it can be very hard to get in the fairway."
Padraig Harrington (27/10/2004)

"It's a very precise golf course. You have to hit it in the fairway, and your misses are very - they're just compounded. I mean, if you hit one off-line, you're usually penalized quite a bit for them. I think the player that is precise will usually do pretty well here. I like the golf course - great greens"
Mike Weir (12/11/2000)

"There are so many different shots to be hit. Every tee you stand on, there's a certain way, depending on the player you are or the situation you're in, to playing the hole. Every hole has a best way of playing it, whether you're 5-over or 5-under. Actually, this course, with the wind directions and stuff, it does change. So it's a very interesting course to play. Depending on the wind direction, there are usually on a golf course, as I was saying, there are sort of ways of playing a hole. Here, there isn't, because the wind direction suggests you can do one or another. I like playing chess around the course, and I enjoy the challenge of it. Every hole has its own potential disasters and own challenges."
Colin Montgomerie (08/11/00)



Hole 2
"The 2nd hole, for instance, today, I was practicing this morning. You go -- you can hit a driver down the left, 2-iron up the right, 3-wood in the middle. Because now they push the tee back 25 yards on the 2nd, that tree really comes into play now. There's a different way of playing the hole than there was normally. So it doesn't mean it's a par 4. It's a driver, which I don't like anyway."
Colin Montgomerie (08/11/00)

Hole 11
"The eleventh tee shot, you just cant keep the ball on the fairway there."
Nick Price (10/11/2000)

Hole 17
"I think it is a great hole. It's a hole that gives you a lot of different chances, different options. You mainly depend on the wind. If there is no wind into you you can miss the green. You are going to be hitting long irons or 3-woods into the green but you can definitely get to it. If you play into, whith a bit of strong wind you have no chance. It's just a lay-up and a difficult third. Although you are hitting a short club it is a difficult third shot."
Sergio Garcia (27/10/2004)

"I think you should just start all over again. I've made pars on that hole and a couple of birdies. I haven't made any eights or nines, so I am not talking sour grapes here like Tiger and some of those other guys should be. But that is probably the worst green I have ever seen in my life; there is no doubt about it."
Nick Price (10/11/2000)

"A very dificult hole. Controversial hole, I guess, but it adds to the flavour of this Golf Course."
Mike Wier (12/11/2000)

"Every ball I have hit in the water there, have been good shots. It is just indicative of the hole and unfortunately if you just walk around the bank, look how many balls are in the water!"
Tiger Woods (12/11/2000)

Hole 18
"I still haven't figured out how to play that. I don't think many people know how to play that hole. All I know is there are fewer trees on the left side of the fairway than on the right side, and I am aiming down that left rough every day."
Nick Price (10/11/2000)