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Independent Spanish Language Learning

Both travel and life in Spain are maximised when you can speak the language, interact with locals, obtain “local prices” and really immerse yourself in this country’s culture. Interactive CD ROM language learning software has been developed by Rosetta Stone to mimic the experience of genuine immersion in the Spanish language. It is an extremely fast, fun way to learn Spanish in a natural manner, just as you did when you were a child learning your first language.

To achieve this goal of natural language learning, a dynamic immersion method combines advanced interactive technology with native speakers and a rich visual environment, to mimic the complete immersion process that we all experienced as children.

Interactive independent language learning is perfect for people who think they can’t learn a language, or who did not enjoy learning a language at school. Thanks to the dynamic methods used by Rosetta Stone these people can escape the tedium of translations, memorisation and grammar drills in order to learn naturally.

Learning this way is based on a simple, intuitive interface and advanced technology that confirms learning at every step of the process by prompting you to make connections between images you already understand and the new language you are learning. In this way, you receive immediate feedback, which helps you to reinforce learning. Previews, exercises, and tests with automated tutorials help you focus on areas that need additional reinforcement. This makes interactive, independent Spanish language learning fun and engaging: interactive exercises create a game-like learning environment that can be used successfully at any age.

One of the special features of a CD ROM language-learning course with Rosetta Stone is Speech Recognition Technology. This allows you to use a headset in order to improve your speech and refine your accent by imitating a native speaker. The technology records your voice, evaluates your pronunciation and helps you improve quickly. What’s more, you start speaking right from lesson one, thus building confidence in speaking the language right from the start.

Another attractive feature of interactive language learning courses is that you learn at your own pace as opposed to having to commit to classes each week. This way you can learn comfortably without feeling pressured or overwhelmed. Furthermore, when other priorities arise, you can put your course on hold and then easily pick up where you left off as the software automatically records your progress.

Finally, learning Spanish through courses such as those offered by Rosetta Stone is excellent value for money. Considering that you may obtain up to 50 course hours per level, the cost per hour of these intensive language courses is exceptionally reasonable. It becomes even greater value for money when you consider that each set of software can be used on two computers, by up to five users per computer – so the whole family can learn for the same price. Because the software bookmarks each person’s progress, you can pick up exactly where you left off – regardless of other users’ progress.