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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

As Benjamin Franklin famously said, "the only certainties in life are death and taxes", and it can make sense to plan for this eventuality so you-re not caught unprepared. The emotional impact of a death in the family can be hard to bear, but if also accompanied by negative financial implications, then the outcome can be devastating - so it's vital that you consider the consequences which an unexpected death could have on your family, and plan accordingly.

Life Assurance can be used for many purposes, including;


  • Inheritance tax planning
  • School fee continuation planning
  • Mortgage protection
  • Financial security/support for your family in the event of a main income earners death
  • Keyman Assurance for companies and business partnerships


Finally, be wary of banks selling you mortgage protection cover, as a recent report published by Inese & Global Actuarial discovered that the premiums offered by banks are significantly higher than those available from brokers - often in excess of 30%!



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