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Week June 7th to 13th 2001


British contributors take third place in the list of foreign sign ups. The ministry for employment has revealed that one in four of the new contributors playing social security in Spain this year is an 'extranjero'. The figures are double the number just two and a half years ago, and has leapt to 119,600 new foreigners paying into the system over the past year. That figure is expected to increase dramatically this year to at least 156,000 new foreigner sign ups. As of last month there were 525,287 foreigners paying into the scheme. The Security of State for Social Security, Gerrado Camps, has said that foreigners ' are contributing to guarantee the solvency of the system. He added that for the system to continue in good health more women should be admitted into the labour market, the period of working life should be extended, and more foreigners welcomed into the system.

While legalised Moroccans take first place with 117,894 contributors and Ecuador second with 37,324, Great Britain take first place in the European Community with 33,936 followed by the Germans with 29,877. So, far from proving a heavy demands on social services, the increasing amount of legal and controlled immigration into Spain is swelling the coffers of the government's social security budget.


Wine production in ANDALUCIA is to be increased with 800 hectares of vines across the regi9on now being recognised by the European Union. There are based in the provinces of Cádiz, Almeria, Granada and Málaga. In the latter new varieties of grape are being planted, which will give an impulse to the new official denomination area for red and white quality wines, 'Sierra de Málaga' - without forgetting the more traditional local sweet smelling varieties. Ronda, Molina, The Axarquia, the Western Coast and the Mountains are areas where the vines are now being planted for the elaboration of the wines under the new denomination.


The British construction company Bovis, has presented plans to the Fuengirola Town Hall to build a brand new hotel in the puerto deportivo. The plans are for a nine-storey hotel, which would require an investment of 20,000 million pesetas. It would also involve the remodelling of the area between the paseo maritimo and the recreational port area. The hotel would have 330 bedrooms which would be confined to the fifth to the ninth floors. The first four floors would be dedicated to recreational and commercial areas including function rooms and a gymnasium. However, the proposal is not all plain sailing as certain opposition from the ANDALUCIA Port authority is expected.


Regional government has started an advertising campaign aimed at shopkeepers in ANDALUCIA under the slogan 'We're changing currency, not prices'. Regional government is therefore distributing distinctive stickers which shopkeepers can display to advise consumers that they have not increased their prices as a result of the Euro. Consumers are being advised to shop at establishments displaying these stickers.


First stretch will need two tunnels and five viaducts. The cabinet has given the go ahead to the first stretch of the missing part of the Mediterranean motorway between Nerja in Málaga province and Adra in the province of Almeria. The first section is the 9.5 kilometres between Nerja and La Herradura, the road's most difficult section due to complicated terrain. A budget of 21,606 million pesetas has been allocated, making it the most expensive stretch of road per kilometre constructed anywhere in Spain. It will contain two tunnels and five viaducts. The payment system known here as the 'German method' will be used, which means that the constructor awarded the contract will only be paid on completion. Construction work should be finished within three years.

Work will shortly also be awarded to the remaining three sections from La Herradura to Motril and the four further sections which will complete the road from Motril to Adra. Projects and cost for these last sections have already been drawn up, but it is not known when they will be authorised. This week's declaration on the Nerja to La Herradura stretch has taken many by surprise. The news has been welcomed by the President of the Granada Chamber of Commerce, Antonio Robles, who said the ministry for public works had started to fulfil its promises.


As MARBELLA gears itself up for its annual June feria, which the Town Hall expects will attract one million visitors, it has been announced that a pop superstar might be performing in the town in August. The first deputy mayor, Julián Muñoz will perform in the municipal stadium. If the star does agree to come her fee will be 130 million pesetas. THE SERPENTS ARE HERE Selwo nature park in Estepona has opened a new spectacular exhibit for visitors. Its an exhibition of snakes of various species including the anaconda, python and boa. A special demonstration, with specially trained staff, takes place each day at 14.00 in the reptile zone of this highly popular visitor attraction.


The Western Costa del Sol councils have put forward a plan for the signposting of paths and walkways in the rural areas. Fifteen country walks will be officially created spanning a total of 156 kilometres over the most beautiful landscapes in the Western Costa del sol. This new idea is part of a project to promote rural tourism, which will include programmed walks that may take from 35 minutes to two days with different stages of difficulty and coastal or inland areas to choose from. Regional government together with the local councils will finance the 17,745,000 cost of creating a tourist and leisure infrastructure with an efficient signposting system alongside paths and country walks. The aim is to develop a harmonious union between man and nature, to the benefit of both.


The Gibraltarian rockers, Melon diesel, who have been riding high in the Spanish charts, will give a concert in the Municipal Stadium in La Linea at 22.30 on June 29. Within less than a year and a half the group have gone from playing in the bars of the Rock to selling over 200,000 discs throughout Spain. Tickets are priced at 2,000 pesetas if pre-purchased or 2,500 pesetas on the night.