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Bosses earn 21 times more than average worker

Women still represent just 10 per cent of board members

By Oliver McIntyre

EXECUTIVES of listed companies in Spain earned an average of 466,678 euros last year, 21 times the average worker's salary of 22,000 euros, according to an annual report from the country's stock market regulator, the CNMV.

Board members of listed companies earned an average of 279,300 euros, 13 times the average worker's salary.

In the case of board members, the average salary in 2011 was up four per cent from 2010 (7.3 per cent before the removal of disproportionately high increases in several cases due to extraordinary circumstances), significantly higher than the average 2.48 per cent salary rise set for workers in collective bargaining agreements for the period.

The average executive's salary was up 2.6 per cent.

Scientists protest at cuts amidst fears of ‘brain drain'

Funding for research and development has been slashed by 31% in last two years, they say

By Oliver McIntyre

HUNDREDS of scientists and researchers in cities around the country staged protests last week over cuts in public spending on research and development, which they say is beginning to result in a devastating ‘brain drain' as young researchers with few prospects in Spain move abroad to work.

The demonstrations were called by a group called Carta Abierta por la Ciencia (An Open Letter for Science), which says public funding for research and development has been cut by 31 per cent over the last two years and nearly 39 per cent since 2009.

The group, made up of scientific organisations, unions, and university representatives among others, says if the situation is not rectified it will cause "irreparable damage to our public system of research and development, destroying what it has taken decades to build".

In addition to reading out their manifesto, the protesters in numerous cities released balloons into the sky as a symbol of the brain drain they say Spain is already suffering due to the dearth of work prospects for promising young researchers as well as many experienced ones.

Down Under ultimatum on Vélez trams

Town hall threatens to ship the trains to Australia if Junta won't subsidise

By Dave Jamieson

VÉLEZ-Malaga will rent its three moth-balled tram units to the Australian city of Sydney if the Junta de Andalucía does not agree to subsidise the system by February. The ultimatum came last week from Vélez mayor Francisco Delgado Bonilla, who suspended the tranvía's operation on June 4 because of its spiralling debts.

Sr Delgado was speaking after a meeting with the Junta's provincial delegate, José Luis Ruiz Espejo, at which he asked the regional government to meets its commitment to subsidising the cost of running the public transport by 50 per cent. He told a press conference that if the tram units were to be sent to Sydney, it would not mean the end of the system in Vélez. The mayor explained that the town needs an outlet for the units which will lose value if left to deteriorate, and renting them out means that the town hall can balance its books.

Deadline for IBI discount extended

Alhaurin residents have until February 27 to sign on ‘padrón'

By Oliver McIntyre

ALHAURÍN de la Torre town hall last week announced it has extended to February 27 the deadline for local residents to qualify for IBI property tax discounts by being registered on the local ‘padrón' census.

Originally the town hall had said residents had to be registered on the padrón by December 31 to be eligible for the new discounts next year totalling 10 per cent for homeowners who are ‘empadronado' and pay their IBI bill via standing order.

However, officials decided to extend the deadline so that "the greatest number of taxpayers possible can benefit from these discounts," said the town hall in a statement.

Once on the padrón, residents must submit an application for the IBI discounts, which are not automatic and must be requested. The deadline for filing the application is also February 27.