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Tráfico plans to raise top speed limit to 130 kph

By Nuria Pérez

SPEED limits for motorways, secondary roads and streets are being reviewed by the DGT traffic department as part of an update to traffic laws.

According to the draft bill published on February 25, the speed limit for motorways could be increased to 130 kph on some stretches depending on weather and road conditions.

This would be announced on electronic boards or properly signposted and would only be for cars and motorbikes.

The speed limit for secondary roads with a 1.5-metre hard shoulder is to be cut from 100 kph to 90 kph, and falls to 70 kph for those with narrow or no hard shoulders, and 50 kph for those with unmarked carriageways.

Convicted murder becomes judicial advisor

Family of victim calls for enquiry

By Dave Jamieson

IN 1996, a 48-year-old convict was released from a Spanish prison after serving 14 years behind bars. He changed his name, found a job and started a new life. Now, there have been calls for an investigation into how he managed to become an advisor to the judicial system and a trainer of police officers.

In the late 1970s, Emilio Hellín Moro was a member of the ultra-right political group Fuerza Neuva and he suspected that a young political activist in Madrid was a member of the Basque terrorist group ETA. Yolanda González, a 19-year-old from Bilbao, was a member of the Socialist Workers Party and was studying electronics in the capital. She was kidnapped outside her apartment on February 1, 1980, and three days later, her body was found with three gunshots to the head in a ditch. The murder rocked Spain.

Sr Moro was found guilty and sentenced to 43 years in jail in 1982, but five years later fled to Paraguay while out on a permit from the prison authorities. He was tracked down by Spanish journalists and arrested in 1989, before being returned to see out his sentence in Spain. In 1996, he was released and changed his name to Luis Enrique Hellín.