- First design 1996

Welcome to (1996)
Welcome to (1996) - First design 1996

This is the earliest copy of our first design. We call it the dark green left hand margin. We designed and coded it in basic HTML on 17 April 1996 and at the time, we thought it looked good! It was designed for a 640 pixel width computer screen and the text flows for wider or narrower screens; so you could say it was a responsive design. The lengthy home page contained links to any page we found in English at the time plus a few clients whose web sites we had created. No business had their own domain at that time, so we built our clients little three page websites hosted on itself. was the website that took over from the previous site '' that had been launched in 1995. had more links on Spain than Yahoo which was the main search website at the time. Yahoo directory only had about 50 entries for the whole of Spain. Google did not exist at this time.

Information about, the "Information about Andalucia" website, was founded in 1996 by Chris Chaplow. It was the very first site on the Internet to offer travel information about this region of southern Spain, and has upheld its mission to offer clear, concise, easily-navigable pages about Southern Spain for the tourist and curious traveler.  A website dedicated to the enjoyment of Andalucia. The site has grown to 10,000 updated pages in English language and 3,500 in Spanish language and receives about 350,000 users (visitors) every month. It is the most-visited destination website about Andalucia in English. More>