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April 2008

Yes, golfers, once again there is news for you. You have a date with the Mediterranean Golf Fair in Málaga city at the Palacio de Congresos right smack on the edge of the fair grounds. This is an important trade fair bringing the latest and the best from the world of golf to the Costa del Sol.
Yes, we're all human. We all make mistakes. But some mistakes are more costly than others. For example, how much does it cost to leave an innocent person in prison for a year? And what could possibly be the compensation for sending a young man home from a hospital emergency room twice, without diagnosing him with acute perionitis? What's the price of not having an ambulance available when that same patient is dying at home? These are tragic situations, often involving whole "chains" of human error.
Seville is teaming with life today as everyone - residents and visitors alike -are ready to enjoy a week of fun and festivity in a traditional event that rocks the city every year around this time. Weather reports, however, are not co-operating this year, with winds of up to 90 kilometres an hour predicted to blow the event over if tents aren't tightly tied down! And look out for those paper lanterns! Must admit I was personally blown over by the fair back in my student days, living in Triana with a lovely Spanish woman and her daughter.