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June 2008

I would like to thank the wonderful contributors to the Andalucia.com forum for providing us with information about the Cherry Festival in Alfarnate on Saturday June 21st. We are just in time to get on over to this lovely village in the Axarquia to enjoy a festival featuring local cherries but including many other local products as well. And it all takes place in an idyllic setting in a village you'll enjoy exploring. One of our forum participants noticed that some people buy up to 20 flats of cherries at the festival and wondered what they do with all that fresh fruit.
There is nothing like a strike to ease the flow of traffic on our busiest roads. This makes the commute to work so easy you almost wish... ...Yet, there is reason to believe if the lorry strike continues throughout this week, the local economy will begin to cringe at the consequences. We're only at the start of this event and already some petrol stations in our region have run out of fuel, particularly diesel. Consumer rights groups are advising everyone to relax and refrain from stockpiling foodstuffs as that will only drain local supplies sooner.
Thanks to this blog, you already know that there is no privacy under any commercial olive tree in Andaulcia! Remember that each one has a GPS coordinate and is kept under careful satellite surveillance by the regional government! Olive trees aside, most people know we all have access to satellite images of even the most remote corners of the earth - not to mention our next door neighbour's orchard or inner patio. And what about our streets? In any provincial capital you might find video surveillance cameras keeping tabs on public areas.