January 2010

Very exciting to read last week that high-speed internet access will soon be extended to every village in Andalucia. Apparently, the 600 villages that aren't currently connected to the net will be able to do so using mobile phones. This is a terrific idea, when you think how the internet has completely revolutionised our lives. Not to mention amazing considering that this is southern Spain, where (in some areas at least) not so long ago the ideas of email, websites and the internet were considered frighteningly modern.
It has been incredibly heartening to see the positive stories coming out of last week's earthquake in Haiti - the two-month-old baby revived by American doctors, the two-year-old girl pulled from the rubble of her nursery school by British firemen working without their normal equipment, another two-year-old boy rescued by Spanish firemen, and a little girl found by an Australian journalist. Also, to see the impressive instantaneous response from normal Americans - government always give money, but it's much, much more telling how deep the general public will dig into their pockets after such
Hello, it's Monday and for many people it's the first real work day of the year. Yes, I know, there were some 'dias laborables' last week, but it's hard to get back into things properly when Reyes chops your week in half. So this is our first full week, and it's tough after all the fun of Christmas, New Year and Reyes. So back to the grindstone, with a month of largely cold, wet weather to look forward to. It's woolly hat, scarf, gloves – at least, first thing in the morning - hot soup, hot chocolate, hot fire weather.
Hello, Happy New Year - and New Decade. I´m taking over from Brenda as chief blogger here on andalucia.com. Like Brenda, I am married to a Spaniard and have children, although I´m a relative newcomer compared to her, so you´ll have to let me off any cultural faux pas or other embarrassing shows of ignorance. In fact, please tell me what you think, good, bad or anywhere in between – I want to hear from you.