What's in a name?

Fans of British rock music (or pop/``Britpop``, depending on how particular you are about your music genres) will be aware that the band Doves have made a new single available online from their best of album, The Places Between, which was released last Monday. What is interesting about this song, to this blogger and this website, is its title. It is called Andalucia.

The reason for this name is not clear, though it is entertaining to look at the lyrics and try to work out whether there is, in fact, a link between such a soaring anthem and the beautiful part of Spain which we at andalucia.com - and many of you, of course - know and love so well.

Let's consider a few pertinent lines of the track in question: I've seen the place the place of falling rivers Where we can breathe again falling rivers - hmm - could be the Sierra de Cazorla in Jaen, with its 2000-metre peaks and many spectacular waterfalls, including the Salto de los Órganos and the Cascada de Linarejos.

There is certainly plenty of space to breathe, with 270,000 hectares of wilderness. Also in Jaen, near the border with La Mancha and the Despeñaperros Natural Park, are some more amazing waterfalls, including the 50m-high Cascada de la Cimbarra.

You can also find waterfalls in the Sierras de Tejeda, Almajara and Almara National Park, located across the provinces of Granada and Malaga, with the Salto de Caballo, and the Chorreras de los Palos, also known as the Cascada de los Arboles Petrificados (the Waterfall of the Petrified Trees).

In the Sierra Norte (Sevilla) there are the Cascadas de Huesna, near Cazalla de la Sierra. Rain falls, falling on the window I ain't seen the sun in days Yes, well, we all knew the feeling rather too well back in December, January, February, and, um, March, when we had weeks of endless rain and virtually no sun at all. Maybe the band was in this part of the world back then? If so, you were very unlucky. Come back soon, guys, it’s not always like that – honest.

Swimming in the ocean White surf is all around As any surf-bum worth their (sea) salt knows, Tarifa, with its long, open beach, has some great waves, whether you are surfer, kitesurfer, windsurfer or any other kind of surfer. Other great watersports beaches along the stunning Costa de la Luz (Coast of Light) include El Palmar near Conil de la Frontera.

So maybe Jimi Goodwin, the band's vocalist, is paying homage to the region's extraordinary variety of landscape, geological features and meteorological curiosities. Or maybe, maybe, he just liked the name. In any case, it's a storming song which I urge you to listen to. As one fan put it, ``Doves are exceptional at treading the fine line between euphoric and melancholy.`` Sounds pretty much like the Andalucians to me.

Blog published on 8 April 2010