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Cascadas de Huesna Natural Monument

Cascadas de Huesna Natural Monument

Within the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park are these impressive waterfalls (cascadas), which are 7m tall at their highest point. The waterfalls are situated close to the source (nacimiento) of the Huesna river, the biggest watercourse in the Sierra Norte park. The banks of the Huesna river are densely populated with elms, willows, poplars and alders, inhabited by many birds, while otters live in the river.

The waterfalls are easily accessible from the village of San Nicolás del Puerto. Two kilometres from the village on the SE-7101 towards Cazalla de la Sierra are two picnic areas on the left-hand side of the road: the Martinete and the Nacimiento del Río Huesna. If you follow the road a bit further towards Cazalla, you come to another picnic area, called Isla Margarita, from where there is an attractive walk along the Huesna river.

San Nicolás del Puerto