Deadly Secrets

Deadly Secrets
Deadly Secrets

Deadly Secrets

Author: Robert Tenison
ISBN: 9780956313225
Publisher: Chringuito Books
Date First Published: 14/08/2009

By Spanish-based author Robert Tenison, Deadly Secrets is an exciting crime thriller of bribery, corruption, money laundering and murder in Andalucia, Southern Spain.

THE STORY of deadly secrets

The story revolves around the illegal reclassification of a piece of land for use as a golf course and the action takes place in the (fictional) coastal town of Los Cipreses as well as in Granada, Madrid, London, the Cayman Islands and Seville.

The story centers around the sale of a large piece of land by a local businessman who bribes various local and regional government officials to ensure the re-classification of the land.

However, UDYCO, the organised crime unit of the Spanish national police have enlisted the help of Mike Cameron, a long-standing local ex-pat, to entrap him.

When Mike Cameron is murdered, the prime suspects are his wife and her lover but it also seems possible that his death may have something to do with the property transaction.

An old friend of Mike's, Andy Montalvo, arrives in Los Cipreses to investigate his death. He soon finds himself drawn into the UDYCO investigation by the beautiful undercover special agent Cristina Ibañez.

The body count rises as the action moves between Spain, London and the Cayman Islands and Andy and Cristina begin to unravel the truth behind Mike's death.


Robert Tenison was the pen name of a well known London born (to Spanish parents) gentleman who moved to Spain in the 1990s. He was a popular figure in Marbella and Costa del Sol business network community. Robert was working on a successful online bookstore when he died suddenly from a massive heart attach aged 53 in July 2013.






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