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Business & Economy - Corporate Activities - Team-building

Team Building on the beach © Experience Box Spain
Team Building on the beach © Experience Box Spain


With its wide variety of outdoor activities available, and excellent weather with year-round sunshine, Andalucia is the ideal location for corporate events such as team-building.

These competitive activities can work equally well for small and large teams, in city or rural locations. Specialist companies can organise the whole Andalucian experience for you, taking all the stress away, from transport including flights to Spain and transfer, to hotels and gala dinners, as well as the activities themselves which can be professionally documented in photographs and video.

Whether you want to encourage team skills by driving 4x4s, cooking tortillas or building sandcastles together, you'll find a huge range of incentive and fun pursuits, both indoor and outdoor, which your company can enjoy here in Andalucia. They are all focussed on working in teams, learning how to function together as a unit and build trust - but always with time for relaxation and excellent food and entertainment afterwards in the evening.


Competitive sports like driving, whether it's 4x4, quad bikes or karts, around tracks with obstacles, or along routes with orientation challenges, are very popular as team-building activities. Sailing in teams is also popular, since Andalucia has over 1000km of coastline, with countless marinas, and being together on a boat, navigating and steering across the sea, brings out qualities which other sporting activities might not. Alternatively, test your resourcefulness with raft-building challenges - can you and your team use the materials provided to make a craft to cross the river?

On the beach

Savour the delights of Andalucia's fabulous sand and sea with beach Olympics, volleyball, sandcastle building and other activities.

Gourmet experience

For a less physically challenging experience, contests for cooking Spanish classics such as tortilla or paella are very popular.

More creative options include music workshops, with singing and drumming, as well as yoga.

Many companies can offer a package of these activities, so that employees can have a choice of whether they want to do a more or less strenuous activity, thereby accommodating all ages and physical abilities.

Be aware that it's important to ensure the company you choose has all the relevant safety and insurance provisions.