Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports

Whether you want high-adrenalin extreme sports adventure tour - on snow, ground or water; wind or gas-fuel-driven; to get about on two wheels or two legs; taking to the air; or calmer, but no less adventurous wild swimming, Andalucia has all the facilities and natural elements for you to indulge in your favourite activities.

If your idea of heaven is to take off into the sky, flying, paragliding and microlighting will all give you unparalleled views of Andalucia's spectacularly varied countryside. If you like bikes, whether motor or mountain, there are plenty of tracks to follow, from gentle converted train routes, with bridges and tunnels, to challenging off-road terrain.

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Skydiving is a growing sport - unlike Base Jumping or Bungee Jumping, in skydiving you jump out of a aeroplane (or helicopter, or hot air balloon) and enjoy a time of free fall before you use your… More →

Tirolina y Puente Colgante - Frailes

Tirolina y Puente Colgante
This thrilling experience begins with zooming over an 80m drop on a 130m zip line across the Velillos… More →

EXTREME Adventure Sports in Andalucia

So far as adventure tours go, Andalucia has some of the best venues for a range of sports, which should satisfy the desire for modest thrills and adventure. 

Andalucia does not have any skyscrapers to attract base-jumpers. There are, however, plenty of seriously high cliff faces, especially around the Sierra Nevada and Ronda, should you fancy your chances at this off-the-wall (literally) occupation. Basically, what you do is run as fast as you can and hurl yourself off the edge of a cliff, assume the straddle position, manoeuvre yourself as far away from the face as possible and open the 'chute, all within about six or seven seconds, and then float gently to the ground. That's the theory, anyway. The legality of this extreme sport  is questionable, particularly in urban areas, although that does seem to add a certain frisson for some. It won't surprise you to know that there is no official organisation for base-jumpers.

In Andalucia many races are held in different sports such as horse riding, motorcycles, bicycles, rally cars or athletics. These events attract many people interested in participating and… More →

Andalucía is a mecca for water sports, thanks to the proximity of the coastlines, as well as the numerous lakes and reservoirs. The most popular sports include sailing, windsurfing, water-skiing,… More →

Extreme sports are defined as activities which involve a high level of danger, and therefore often both speed and height; they're also "counter-cultural", and often (though not always) practised… More →

Whether you want high-adrenalin extreme sports adventure tour - on snow, ground or water; wind or gas-fuel-driven; to get about on two wheels or two legs; taking to the air; or calmer, but no less… More →



Skydiving, for those with a bent for the mega-adrenalin rush, is similar to regular free fall parachuting, but much, much, much faster. Aficionados exit the plane and then invert themselves, head pointing straight down, legs together and arms clamped to their sides. The idea, quite simply, is to go as fast as possible...and they do, at times reaching speeds edging around 200mph. Someway prior to hitting the ground, preferably, you just pull out of the dive, assume the normal straddle shape, decelerate and release the parachute. A buzz, or what! Not unnaturally, it is advisable to have mastered free fall in the sit fly and star shape positions before attempting it head first. More>


Speed skiing is exactly what it says - going hell-for-leather straight down a near-vertical, ice-covered track on a pair of skis, described as 'nearly past fear at terminal velocity'. The skis are wider than normal, you carry body-hugging poles, aerodynamic helmets are mandatory, and so is a large helping of courage and a touching faith in your own ability on 240cm-long, 30lb fibreglass planks. In Andalucia, those heading for the Sierra Nevada have to do their fastest down the black runs. Incidentally, you stop by the simple expedient of sliding up a gentle gradient at the end of the run.

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