Zip line and Hanging Bridge at Frailes


Zip line and Hanging Bridge at Frailes

Tirolina y Puente Colgante
This thrilling experience begins with zooming over an 80m drop on a 130m zip line across the Velillos River. It is the only urban zip line in the world that starts from a Town Hall. The experience continues across the 150m Colgante Bridge, where you can enjoy wonderful views as you reach the starting point. Visitors can continue the adventure by climbing and abseiling down a climbing wall.

Opening Times

Monday-Sunday, consult for times.


Zipline (Tirolina): €5
Bridge (Puente Colgante): €5
Both activities: €8


Tickets can be purchased from Kiosco El Frenazo (Calle Cuevas, 4) and A Se Carmen (Calle Santa Lucia, 1).
Tel: 626 94 19 88


Located on Calle Santa Lucia.