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Adventure Extreme Sports

Adventure Extreme Sports

Canyoning is an increasingly popular outdoor activity, or extreme sport, which involves descending gorges using a combination of walking, climbing, jumping, sliding, abseiling (rappelling), and swimming (or wading) in rivers and waterfalls. It is also a great way of exploring remote, spectacular scenery which may not be accessible on foot.

Andalucia is a wonderful place to get off the ground in a paraglider. This exhilarating sport has become increasingly more popular since the 80’s and now many parts of Andalucia have become a Mecca for this and other air sports.

Those who find hiking not quite exciting enough, may like to try mountaineering, rock climbing or caving, all of which are popular in this part of Spain with a wealth of challenges and some of the best areas in Europe outside the Alps.

Since the inauguration in 2003 a motley crew take part in this low budget alternative rally, which passes through Spain as part of its official route. The rally takes place around New Year and there is usually a regrouping in Sotogrande.

It was not by chance that Andalucia was chosen as the venue for the 2nd World Air Games in 2001. Indeed, with its excellent all-year-round climate and stunning scenery, it is surely one of the best places in the world to go "microlighting".

Skydiving is a growing sport - unlike Base Jumping or Bungee Jumping, in skydiving you jump out of a aeroplane (or helicopter, or hot air balloon) and enjoy a time of free fall before you use your parachute to slow down your rate of descent to earth.