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Endurance racing

© Michelle Chaplow Men's Category winners
Men's Category winners in Desafio Doñana Triathlon 2011

Endurance running and biking  


There are two road running full marathons in Andalucia each year. 

Seville Marathon, the third biggest in Spain,  with 14.000 runners taking part ( 2017) and traditionally takes place the third Sunday in February (19th February 2017). The Seville marathon usually records a very fast time due to the level course and (often) fine weather contitions. www.zurichmaratonsevilla.es

Malaga Marathon; sixth most popular in Spain with about three thousand taking part.  This traditionally takes place on the first Sunday in December  (4th December 2016). www.zurichmaratonmalaga.es

The are also a large number of half marathons and 10km road races. 


There are actually about 30 triathlon events every year in Andalucia, which are held between February and November, including during the hot summer months. Desafio Doñana is the flagship event organised by the regional government. This is 90km cycle, 1.8km swim and 30km beach run.

Others take place in locations in western and central Andalucian coastal areas.  Some, such as El Chorro are Half Ironman with 1.9km swim, 90 km cycle and 21km run. Others such as Triathlon de Sevilla are lesser with a 1.5km swim, followed by a 40km cycle, and finally a 10km run. More info on our Triathlon page>





La Sufrida

Cicloruta Internacional Serrania de Ronda or La Sufrida (The Sufferer or The Pain) as it is aptly known is not actually a triathlon but it is without doubt one of the main cycle endurance races in Andalucuia.   The event usually takes place on the first Saturday in June (or second Saturday or last Saturday in May)  and consists of a 196 km circuit called the "Gran Fondo" (and a 125 km option) around the Ronda's countryside on the tarmac country lanes. Since 2006 the event is organised by a local running club. It start from a different village each year.  In 2015 the 17th edition was 08.00 hrs start from the main square in El Gastor  The route was Zahara de la Sierra, Puerto de las Palomas, El Bosque, Puerto del Boyar, Grazalema, Los Villalones, Arriate, Ronda and Montejaque. The winning time is under 7 hours and the race cuts off at 11 hours. The police provide a race security zone within 21 km/hr and 25 km/hr. In 2019 it will take place on 25th of May.  Twitter @CLDLaSuffrida

La Projibida

102 Km Mountain bike race.


The Benemérita Trail has been held in the village of Alfacar since 2016, specifically in the Sierra de la Alfaguara. In 2019, its IV Edition will take place on October the 6th, starting at 8.30 hrs. There are two different competitions, a Trail of 32 km and an Open of 12 km. It is a fundraising event, in which all the proceeds will go to the Research Chair for Carcinogenic Stem Cells carried out by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Granada.

Registration can be done through the website http://cronofinisher.com/evento/benemerita-trail-seat-vigilsa-2019/. Prices range between 12 and 38 euros, depending on the date you register, the competition you choose and whether or not you are registered with the Federación Andaluza de Montañismo.

La Valiente

Sixth edition of this race in Andex and Santeponce near Seville can be undertaken by running, by cycling or on horseback.


101 km de La Legion Dates 2023

No event in 2023

(Confirmed by Official website) 

This is 101 km cross country running and mountain bike race over 24 hours.   It is organised by the Foreign Legion based in Ronda and the first edition was in 1995 to celebrate the 75 aniversary of the legion.  The route passes by Ronda, Arriate, Alcala del Valle, Setenil de las Bodegas, Montejaque, Benaojan.   It takes place on the first or second Saturday in May. In 2017 it was 13th May and in 2018 it was 12th May. It starts and in the Ronda Football Stadium and following the Legions heart warming chant and salute to the Comander in Chief. It finishes at the Alameda del Tajo in the centre of Ronda. In 2018 the winning mountain bike time was 3 hrs 53 mins 49 seconds and the winning running time was 8 hrs 51 mins 18 seconds. There was no event in 2023. Official website (Spanish)


Ultra Sierra Nevada 2023

14th, 15th and 16th April 2023

Ultra Sierra Nevada 2023 will be held the weekend of April 14, 15 and 16. This the ninth edition and will again include: the Half Marathon (25 km), the Marathon (40 km), the Trail (62 km), the Ultra (100 km) and the Extrema, of 100 miles (170 km). The race is centered around the Pradollano Sierra Nevada Ski resort, Ultra Sierra Nevada offers the different levels of challenges so that trailrunners of all levels and profiles can take part. The longer distances will pass the foot of Pico Veleta, at an altitude of over 3,100 meters. It is the highest ultra mountain race in the Iberian Peninsula.

The Ultra Sierra Nevada is a mountain race of 103 km of continuous ascent by paths and trails from the Alhambra in Granada city through to the ski resort of Pradollano, via the Veleta´s Peak of Mulhacen at 3.100m above sea level in the Sierra Nevada National park.  The total climb is 5.700 meters and descent is 4.200 metres. The event starts at midnight and the participants have a maximum time of 25 hours to complete the race. The race is classified as semi autonomous in that there are a number of checkpoints where compeditors can replenish their water and food supplies. There are 1.500 competitors.

There is also a reduced version of the race called the USN Trail of 62 km which starts off on the same route and finishes in the village of Güejar Sierra.  The USN trail also has a barefoot category. In 2016 a 40 km Marathon and a Granada Urban Trail was added to the events.

The first edition of the Ultra Sierra Nevada was a trial which took place on the 13 September 2014. The 80km course was won by Igncio Moron Gonzalez of Granada who reached the peak of La Valeta in 9hrs 34 mins and finished in Pradollano in 10 hrs 15 mins.  in 2016 the dates were 15th and 16th July with the main run extended to 100km and starting from the village of Beas de Granada. In 2018 the dates were 13th to 15th July. In 2019 dates were 12th to 14th July. 2022 dates were 1st to 3rd April


El Maratón Alpino de Jarapalos (MAJ) is a cross country mountain race over a decade old. Each each November several hundred athletes take part. Starting from Alhaurin de la Torre, the route passes through the mountain areas of Benalmádena, Mijas and Alhaurín el Grande and the route offers specatacular views of the Cost del Sol, Mediterránean sea and North Africa coast. It traditionally takes place on the third Saturday in November (19 November 2016) and includes four different levels. Ultra (64km), Marathon (42km), Open (18km) Mini Juniors (12km) Official Website

GRAN VUELTA  Valle de Genal

La Gran Vuelta valle del Genal was inaugurated in 2013. It is an interesting route that links the many villages of the River Genal valley which is part of the Serrania de Ronda. The route is mainly on tarmac country roads and forest tracks through the chestnut tree forests. It does not climb to mountain peaks or follow tricky mountain paths. It takes place over two consecutive weekends of mid an late October. 2019 was 20-21 October and 25-26-27, just as the forest trees are losing their leaves and the chestnuts are falling. The first weekend is the TRAIL on the Saturday and the RELAY on the Sunday the second is the ULTRA on the Friday/Saturday and 100 MILES on the Saturday/Sunday.

TRAIL - 55km
A circular route through the lower Genal, with start and finish line in a different village each year (Benadalid in 2018, Cartajima in 2019). The majority of the route follows the same track than the Ultra Trail, passing by villages of Benalauría, Algatocín, Benarrabá, Gaucín, La Escribana y Venta San Juán. The participants leave at about 07.00 hrs Saturday. Winning time is about 6 hrs. Competitors have a maximum of 12 hours to complete the 55 km.

RELAY - 150 km
Teams of three runners take part, each one must run a defined quarter section of the race of about 40km. Finally, the three members of the team must complete the last section of approximately 20 km to cross the finish line together. The participants leave at about 18.00 hrs Saturday. Winning time is about 18 hrs. Competitors have a maximum time to complete the race of 32 hours.

The Ultra Trail is the main race of the Gran Vuelta Valle del Genal, it is a circular route along the Genal Valley of almost 130 km with about 6.000 m total climb. The route crosses all the 15 villages of the Genal. The participants leave at about 18.00 hrs Friday. Competitors have a maximum time to complete the race of 32 hours. There are 17 refreshment points and checkpoints.
There is also a team version, in which the 4 members of the team must complete the race together.

100 mls 160km
An additional event added to the 2018 edition, only 150 privileged runners are ill be able to face this challenge stance. These 100 miles will surely mark those who dare to face this challenge. Medica certificate required with inscription.



This endurance event is both for cross country runners and mountain bikers is organised by the Almeria Legion and is open to both military personnel and civilians male and female and teams. It was founded in 2019 and traditionally takes place on a Saturday in mid-October. (2019 was 19th October) As the name suggests it is an arduous course over mainly desert and arid terrain. There is also a Minidesertica for minors. The running event ‘marchadores' is 73km long and the mountain bike MTB is 103km. the race starts at 09.00 in Almeria city and passes Huercal de Almeria, Baños de Sierra Alhamilla, Pechina, Atenas (800m), (Enix, Marchal de Enix, Felix 1200m- MTB only) Bodegas (Runners only), and down to the coast at Roquetas del Mar. www.ladesertica.com


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