The village of Alfacar © Michelle Chaplow
The village of Alfacar


This village dates back to the 11th century, but remains have been found from Neolithic times as well. It is located on the edge of the Sierra de la Alfaguara mountain range which was beachside property 20 million years ago. Even today fossilised shells and other such remains can be found in the area known as “El Caracolar”.

The village of Alfacar is known as the place where Spain’s famous poet Federíco Garcia Lorca was shot during the Spanish Civil War. The town, therefore, has dedicated a park to his memory and that of others who were executed during the war.

In the centre of town there is a beautiful fountain called Aynadamar and known also as the “Fountain of Tears” because according to legend it originated drop by drop, as if by tear drops. Visit the local church and the hermitage as well.

Nature lovers will do well to mark Alfacar on their maps because this is one of the entry ways into to the Sierra de Huétor natural parks. The area surrounding the village is wonderful for trekking and there are many paths to follow.

Alfacar © Michelle Chaplow
Aynadamar, the fountain of tears.

Local gastronomy centres around bread as the village flour mills have always provided ample material for villagers to produce wonderful breads.

In addition to traditional Spanish festivals, locals in this village continue to keep a Moorish tradition alive in the Fiesta del Capacho.

To reach Alfacar from Granada city, take the A-44 towards Málaga, then the A-92 towards Almería and follow the signs to the village.

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