Huétor Santillán

The proximity of Huétor de Santillán to Granada city does not stop visitors from enjoying the great outdoors; the town is located in the Sierra de Huétor natural park, which gives the village its name.

Huétor de Santillán was originally a Moorish town, and its narrow streets haven't changed much since then. In the village centre you'll find its grandest monument: la Iglesia parroquial de la Encarnación. This church dates from the 16th century; however it had to be reconstructed after it was set on fire during the Morisco uprising in the 17th century.

The chapels in the village are still in a good state and are worth visiting. The first, at the entrance to the village, is Nuestra Señora de los Dolores. The other two are Virgen del Pilar and San Antonio De Padua.

Huétor Santillán has a remarkable environmental wealth. In the Natural Park, lovers of hiking can take one of two possible routes: la Cañada del Sereno or Los Mimbres. Along these you will encounter numerous ravines, streams, pine and oak forests. Two rivers begin here: ríó Darro and río Fardes. There are also organised trips along bicycle routes on the mountain, plus campsites.


The most famous dishes of Huétor de Santillán are traditional stews and soups, including those made with mushrooms found in the surrounding mountains.


Fiestas in honour of San Sebastián take place in August. During el Día del Pilar, there is a procession leading to the chapel in the neighbourhood of El Colmenar. 3 May commemorates el Día de los Cruces, when crosses decorated with flowers line the village streets.


Huétor de Santillán is 26km from Granada city. Take the A-44 until Monteluz, and then change to the A-92 until the turning for the N-342.

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