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Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports

Extreme sports are defined as activities which involve a high level of danger, and therefore often both speed and height; they're also "counter-cultural", and often (though not always) practised by young people. They are frequently climate-dictated, being dependent on snow or ice, wind and water. And, of course, they're a great way of keeping in shape.

New extreme sports are being invented all the time, but some of the perennial favourites include surfing - the original counter-cultural past time, with its hippie image, super-casual clothes and laid-back lifestyle; snowboarding, kitesurfing and skateboarding.

Some would argue that true extreme sports are not powered by fuel, only wind, wave or self; they’re also better for the environment. But for high-speed, all-terrain excitement, jet skis, wakeboarding and quad-biking can take some beating.

So whether you get your kicks from waves, white stuff or being above the clouds, these adventure sports available all over Andalucia will give you a serious adrenaline high - and leave you thirsting for a beer at the nearest bar.

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Tirolina y Puente Colgante - Frailes

Tirolina y Puente Colgante
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