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Spanish Football

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Football is a favourite spectator sport in Andalucia amongst a huge number of British and Spanish like. The foreign influence has increased the popularity of football over the years and there are usually local matches, where you can support or even join the team. For foreigners living abroad, a football match can be a great way to meet like-minded local people in a relaxed, yet lively atmosphere. You might learn a few choice Spanish phrases that you should check out before you incorporate them into your everyday vocabulary!



Since so many British people have settled in Andalucia and especially along the Costa del Sol, over the last 20 years or so, there is now a large English speaking fraternity that follows the Liga and especially Malaga Football Club.

In the 2019 / 20 there are three Andalucian football teams in LaLiga Santander (Primera División): Sevilla, Betis and Granada.

In LaLiga SmartBank (Segunda División) for 2019 / 20 there are also three Andalucian football teams: Málaga, Cádiz and Almería.

We currently have pages on some of these Andalucian teams, from where you can read more information and buy tickets.

The local football team is Marbella Fútbol Club. It was founded in 1997 following the collapse of Club Athletico Marbella which was owned by Jesus Gil. The new club was initially called Unión… More →

Betis, full name Real Betis Balompie, followed in 1907, founded by students from the Polytechnic. They were led by another Brit, Henry Jones - known as Papa Jones - who was their first chairman;… More →

Seville was started first - officially in 1905, but the earliest football match took place in the city before then, in 1890, against the newly-founded Huelva club Deportivo, which was started by… More →

Atlético Malagueño was founded in 1948 and it was much later, in 1994 that it became Malaga C.F. (Club de Fútbol). It was originally set up to train players for the first team and for this purpose it… More →

Granada Club de Fútbol, formerly known as Recreativo de Granada, is a Spanish football club based in Granada city. Founded in April 1931, their first president was Julio López Fernández. In the… More →

With a tour guided in either Spanish or English, guests will be able to explore the entire stadium and, in the pioneering museum, experience the history of football in Málaga over the last century… More →

how does the spanish league system work?

The top league in Spain is the Primera División, more commonly known as 'LaLiga Santander' and the league below this is the Segunda División or 'LaLiga SmartBank', before known as LaLiga 123. These two leagues can be considered the Spanish equivalent of the Premier League and Championship in England.

After this, the 'Segunda División B' is made up of 80 teams, divided into 4 groups which relate to geographical locations. Segunda División B Group 4 encompasses those Andalucian teams that make the league.

Following on from this, there is the Tercera División (third division), made up of 18 groups of 20 teams and finally, the regional divisions.

Primera División (20 teams)
Segunda División (22 teams)
Segunda División B (4 groups of 20 teams)
Tercera División (18 groups of 20 teams)
Regional Divisións

promotion & relegation

At the end of the season, the bottom three teams from Primera División are relegated to the Segunda División and automatically replaced by the the top two of this division, however the third team to be promoted must first win a play off. The play off is between the teams in third, fourth, fifth and sixth position in the Segunda División.

the teams (2019/2020 SEASON)

Those in bold represent Andalucian teams.

LaLiga Santander
Deportivo Alavés
Athletic Bilbao
Atlético de Madrid
FC Barcelona
Real Betis
Celta de Vigo
SD Eibar
Real Madrid
Real Sociedad
Sevilla FC
Valencia CF
LaLiga SmartBank
Extremadura UD
Las Palmas
Segunda B - Grupo IV
Córdoba CF
Mérida AD
CD Badajoz
Talavera de la Reina
Yeclano Deportivo
UCAM Murcia CF
Villarrubia CF
Real Murcia CF
RC Recreativo
CP Villarrobledo
Cádiz CF B
FC Cartagena
Algeciras CF
CD Don Benito
Atlético Sanluqueño
RB Linense
Marbella FC
Sevilla Atlético
Recreativo Granada
San Fernando CDI

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