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Spa resorts in Andalucia

Spending your leisure time or holidays caring for your health is becoming more and more popular nowadays. This may be a cure for a medical condition, or an escape from the stress and anxiety that is ever far from modern urban life. There is nothing better than a period of rest and quiet. Andalucian spas have been becoming popular again over the last decade and the result has been a modernisation of facilities.

Bird Watching

Andalucía is a birdwatcher's paradise and attracts ornithologists throughout the year. The best time of the year, however, is during the spring, as this is when you can see many wintering species, together with those arriving for the summer months.

Travel Insurance

If you live in southern Spain and plan to travel either nationally or internationally, you would be wise to acquire a travel insurance policy that is adapted to your needs. A good travel insurance ensures that no trip leaves you overwhelmed with bills for unexpected delays, losses, accidents and medical conditions.

Owning a Car

The issues faced by owning a car and driving in Andalucia are similar to those faced in the rest of Spain. Some of these issues outlined below are different depending on whether you hold a license from Spain, or another EU country, or if you hold a non-EU license. Listed below is information on a variety of car and driver-related topics.

Arab Baths

One of the most relaxing traditions of Arab Spain are the baths, or “hammam” as they are called in Arabic. With so many years of moorish rule and culture, the city of Granada was a natural starting point for the return of this long lost custom.


To see info about general motoring maps of Spain or the Costa del Sol click on the links.

Adventure Sports

Whether you want high-adrenalin extreme sports adventure tour - on snow, ground or water; wind or gas-fuel-driven; to get about on two wheels or two legs; taking to the air; or calmer, but no less adventurous wild swimming, Andalucia has all the facilities and natural elements for you to indulge in your favourite activities.


Bullfighting as we know it today, started in the village squares, and became formalised, with the building of the bullring in Ronda in the late 18th century. From that time, it began to follow a particular sequence of events: the entrance of the bull, the picador, the banderilleros, and finally the matador (bullfighter). Many of the picadors' horses were injured in the early days, so these heavy horses now wear protection.

Ecotourism in Andalucia

Ecotourism is an important movement in Andalucia with both companies and non-governmental organisations working to promote the concept both within this region and abroad. ANDECO, the International Network Organisation for Ecotourism Promoters in Andalucia, has been in operation since 1999.

Guided Tours in Andalucía

Guided tours are an excellent way to see Andalucia. Depending on which tour you choose you can learn more about specific aspects of the flora, fauna, gastronomy, culture, etc... Here we have listed a selection of interesting, guided tours in your area.

Holiday Deals from the UK

Andalucia has so much to offer tourists arriving from the UK. This is a friendly destination with countless years of experience in the hospitality industry. Escape the British climate and relish the Spanish sunshine.

Car Hire Itineraries

In this section we have suggested some itineraries that you can use as a base for tours in Andalucia. These itineraries also link together many other information pages. As always the greatest problem is how to fit so much in a limited period of time and have a holiday as well rather than win an endurance award. You will need a good map.

Destinations in Andalucia

There are many and varied destinations in Andalucia,choose from coastal resorts, cities and larger towns, rural villages and small towns. Explore the four different 'costas' or names coasts. There are 8 provinces, not to be confused with their 8 capital cities of the same name. Also discover the extensive national and natural parks.


Every year, millions of tourists take a break in Andalucia and indulge in the lifestyle that helps to make this Southern Spanish region so much of a hit with visitors and residents from all over the world. In Andalucia it is all close at hand, thanks to a wide range of accommodation available, year-round and at prices to fit every budget - in every location.