Naturist Hotels / Resorts in Andalucía

Pristine, sun-soaked beach in Almeria  © Michelle Chaplow
Pristine, sun-soaked beach in Almeria © Michelle Chaplow

Naturist Hotels / Resorts in Andalucia

Naturist hotels or resorts are establishments which allow guests to practice naturism, meaning clothing is optional and guests are free to move around the hotel and its facilities nude.

In Andalucia, thanks to its vast expanse of coastline and favourable climate (specifically in the summer months) there are a variety of nudist beaches for people to enjoy. Additionally, there is a variety of accommodation for naturists with plenty of services and amenities on offer like any other hotel, apartment or resort.



Naturist hotels

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"Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, characterised by the practice of common nudity with the intention of respect for oneself, mankind and the environment."

(International Naturism Federation)

Naturist Apartments for rent

Naturist Apartments for rent

Naturist Beaches

Throughout the Mediterranean resorts, there are beaches that are ideal for people who enjoy the naturist lifestyle. Andalucía is no exception and there are several beaches dedicated for naturists, including those located in Marbella and Benalmadena as well as more remote locations. These do not differ in from the conventional  beaches in the sense that some boast facilities, such as sun beds, umbrellas, showers plus a beach bar whilst others, generally in remoter locations have no facilities whatsoever. Naturist beaches in Andalucia.

Naturist Camping

  • Centro Almanat, Camping and Bungolows, Carretera N-340, km.269 Torre del Mar
  • Camping Almanzora, next to Hotel Vera Playa Club, Vera, (Almería)
  • Camping Las Rozas, next to Cuevas de Almanzora, Las Herrerías, Almería

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