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Cave hotels are found in Guadix where many of the inhabitants live underground, in cave houses. In the winter they are covered with snow and keep their warmth, providing delightful places to stay, often with their own fireplaces inside. In the summer, they keep cool and can provide great relief from the sun.

As proud owners of these cave houses, many have converted their cave houses into cave hotels and cave apartments, open to the public. They are open all year round and provide a perfect base from which you can explore this fascinating area of Andalucia. 

Cave accommodation is comfortable and cosy and a different experience altogether. Listed below are various cave cave accommodations that are managed (and regulated) as part of a hotel complex. There are also cave houses that are regulated as holiday rentals, these are listed in our holiday rentals section.

Cave Hotels

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Cueva Pura Vida

Cueva Pura Vida offers caves with terraces and views of the mountains surrounding Pulpite, outside Cúllar. It has a quiet setting ideal for hiking, cycling and horse riding.

Each spacious, cooling cave has simple, white décor and tiled floors. There is a living room with a sofa and a flat-screen TV.

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