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Holiday Activities

Holiday workshops and courses in Andalucia © istock & Michelle Chaplow
Holiday workshops and courses in Andalucia

Holiday & Recreational Courses in Andalucia

The number of people who wish to participate in an educational courses while enjoying a holiday break is increasing. Andalucia is an ideal venue for such courses.

Yoga and tai chi are quite popular in Andalucía and classes can be found in both public and private centres. Because of the nature of these activities, you should be able to join a course and… More →

Wineries are located throughout this region and many of the larger companies offer tours of the facility via guides that explain the processes involved and can answer your questions regarding how… More →

Thanks to the mild climate in southern Spain, outdoor tennis can be enjoyed year round. So why not take a few classes and improve your stroke while you're on holiday here? You can find courses… More →

With all the press devoted to sun and beaches it might be difficult to imagine taking a ski holiday in Andalucía, but Sierra Nevada in Granada makes that not only possible, but an excellent idea… More →

In ports all along the coast of Andalucía sailing classes are typically offered through the port's club, or members' association. As courses are often sold as a package involving a certain number… More →

Personal development as a subject - and course offering - is relatively new in Andalucia (and most parts of Spain). However, as more and more foreigners from northern Europe, flock to this region… More →

Andalucía is world-renowned for the flamenco music - flamenco guitar in particular - it exports to the rest of the world. And an extended holiday here could be the perfect opportunity for you to… More →

Horses are a major attraction in Andalucía. Not only do they form an integral part of local traditions - still taking part in many modern-day fiestas, festivals and other events - they also serve… More →

With the a sun that shines most of the year, Andalucía is a perfect place to learn to golf. You don't need clubs or special clothing to get started. Just dress comfortably and sign up for the golf… More →

There is much to be learned about the fascinating limestone formations throughout Andalucía and what better way to get to know them than with an experienced, certified speleologist - or specialist… More →

Diving courses are available in seaside towns and cities all along the Andalusian coastline. Most diving schools offer you the opportunity to obtain PADI certification and can be located through… More →

Wouldn't it be fun to return from Spain as an accomplished Flamenco dancer? A short - or even somewhat extended - holiday might not be enough to take your skills quite that far, but in as little… More →

Language courses aren't the only offerings available through the international exchange programmes that operate at every university. Often you can also register for courses that focus specifically… More →

There are few better ways to learn about Andalucia than through its food, with all the fabuous local produce available, from the Sierra de Huelva's pure-bred acorn-fed free-range pork (cerdo… More →

Many cultural centres (Casas de Cultura) in small towns offer ceramic workshops and courses in basket weaving and other handicrafts. Registration usually begins at the end of the summer, but if… More →

If you are a botany buff, or wishing to become one, you can easily incorporate educational experiences into your Andalusian holiday. There are also world-renowned natural parks in Andalucía, where… More →

Andalucía is known as a "birdwatcher's paradise". Keep in mind that this is a key region for many birds that migrate between northern Europe and Africa. This translates into excellent bird… More →

If you go out to the streets of your town, or even in many villages, and try to find a star in the sky, you will not see many more than a dozen. What happened to the thousands of stars visible to… More →

Much of what they offer has an educational focus and guides offer introductory level training courses to beginners wishing to try kayaking, rafting, trekking into the mountains, caving, climbing… More →

There are many opportunities to participate in adult education programmes in Andalucía. To a certain extent your options will depend on your language skills.

The number of people who wish to participate in an educational courses while enjoying a holiday break is increasing. Andalucia is an ideal venue for such courses.

Thousands of British and other English speaking people live or spend a lot of time in Andalucia. When first setting up home, the temptation is to make friends with fellow English speakers, rather… More →

Residential and non-residential soccer camps for kids have long been popular in the United States. In Europe soccer (Football) has become more inclusive and has increased in popularity in the last… More →

Andalucia holds a special attraction for photographers, ranging from beginners to the most world renowned experts. Thanks to a culture that provides endless enchanted themes and lighting that… More →

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