Eco Travel Rules

Sunflowers flourish in Andalucia. © Michelle Chaplow
Sunflowers flourish in Andalucia.

The Eco-Traveller’s 10 Commandments

Ecoviajeros, a Spanish organisation offers 10 commandments for those of us wishing to be more eco-friendly travellers the world around:

1. Empathise – put yourself in the shoes of locals, both people and animals!
2. Learn and adapt to your new environment.
3. Seek to make a positive impact through fair trade, for example.
4. Respect local customs and dress appropriately in public.
5. Show patience and understanding in difficult or surprising circumstances.
6. Recognise the importance of dignity.
7. Save resources – think environmentally!
8. Help protect local eco-systems.
9. Be a good example to locals of a conscientious traveller.
10. Purchase only legal items that don’t damage the environment.