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Coronavirus in Andalucia, News and Statistics

Masks are compulsory in Andalucia  Covid © Michelle Chaplow
Masks are compulsory in Andalucia

Coronavirus in Costa del Sol and Andalucia

Page or section last updated Monday 25-01-2021 at 17.20 hrs.

News update

Andalucia measures

25-01-2020 Statistics published today by the Instituto de Estadistica y Cartografia de Andalucia show the IA(14d) rates for the following 8 municipalities in Malaga province: Manilva 1.307, Marbella 1.108, Estepona 1.005, Alhaurin de la Torre 1.093, Benarraba 1.758, Casabermeja 1.107 and Villanueva del Rosario 1.222. This indicates that these three will join the other 26 in Malaga province on Wednesday to prohibit all non essential activity.

Additionally the following 13 municipalities in Malaga province will join the other 29 have their perimeters closed on Wednesday: Almachar 773, Árchez 519, Casares 721, Antequera 563Cuevas de San Marco 575, Yunquera 558, Riogordo 624, torrox 562, Ojen 703, Villanueva de la Concepcion 819, Algatocin 504, Montejaque 622 and Pizarra 888.

22-01-2021 The Andalucia health councillor, Jesús Aguirre, asked everybody in Andalucia to stay at home after 20.00 hrs as a "voluntary and solidaditaty" measure. This follows the rejection by central government to give the Andalucian government legal powers to bring the curfew forward from 22.00hrs.

23-01-2021 Since Saturday  23th (BOJE)  another 70 municipalities have their perimeters closed for all but essential travel. No additional municipalities will prohibit all non essential activity.

Town closures in Malaga province from 23-01-2021
Town closures in Malaga province from 23-01-2021

Download the eight province town closure lists. Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga, Sevilla.

Since Wednesday 20th (BOJE)  326 municipalities have their perimeters closed for all but essential travel, including cities of Granada, Malaga, Corodoba, Almeria, Cadiz, Huelva. 144 municipalities will prohibit all non essential activity. 

Since Sunday 17th January 2021 (BOJA) 219  municipalities have their perimeters closed for all but essential travel. 61 municipalities will prohibit all non essential activity. 

AI(14d) rate is the number of Coronavirus cases tested in the last 14 days per 100.000 population. It is a standard metric used since the beginning of the pandemic. A downside of this metric is a tendency for smaller places to bounce from very low to high rates very quickly.

To look up the status and the level of measures in force in any  any town or village in Andalucia check the interactive map on our Four levels page.

Seven key measures came into effect (from Sunday 17-01-2021).

Closure of the Andalucia land border remains.
Travel between the 8 provinces is NOT permitted (except for justified exceptions).
Closure of the perimeter of any municipality with an AI(14d) rate over 500.
Closing of all bars/cafe/restaurants and shops in Andalucia at 18.00 hrs.
Reduction from 6 to 4 of the maximum number of people meeting together in any place including cafes/bars.
Closing of all non essential activity in any municipality with an AI(14d) rate over 1000.
Curfew remains at 22.00 hrs to 06.00.

The general justified exceptions are explained on 10-11-2020 on the Coronavirus Cronology page. There are a number of interesting additional exceptions to inter provincial travel noted in the official publication in the BOJA. Inter provincial travel will be permitted to practice winter leisure sport on snow or ice. In order to prove this journey you must to pre-purchase a Sierra Nevada Ski –forfait– pass online. Monachil local police are checking paperwork at the entrance to the resort. Similarly inter provincial travel for hunting is permitted as long as it is linked to the control of the overabundance of game species that can cause damage to ecosystems. Also inter provincial travel for federated, high-level or high-performance athletes and coaches for official sports competitions. All are as long as you are NOT travelling FROM a closed municipality.

Each provincial Comité de Alertas de Salud will meet every Monday and Thursday and the revise town statistics list published that day. The BOJA will publish the official list on Tuesday and Friday for implementation at 00.01 on Wednesday and Saturday.

Towns that are included in the list will remain included for 14 days minimum.Look up AI(14d) rate for any municipality in Andalucia according to province; Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga, Sevilla.  Last updated 21-01-2021.

The more detailed levels of protection measures were last updated on Tuesday 19-01-2021 and are due to be revised twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays for taking effect the following day. In summary most of Andalucia are in Level 3, 4i, 4ii.


23-01-2021 Andalucia has administered 221.635 doses (up to 22-01-2020) since the beginning of the campaign on the 27-12-2020. this is 88% of the 251.420 delivered. 22.161 are second doses. This leaves 29.785 (less wastage) of doses in reserve. For the last two days Andalucia has been using its (questionable - see below) 20% reserve policy which now stands at 12%. At this rate (8.209 per day) it will take 6.0 years to vaccinate (two doses) all Andalucia.

These vaccinations have been distributed to the First Group; residents and staff of senior citizen residences and front-line health professionals and continues with all hospital staff. The central government updated in 22-01-2020 'Covid-19 Vaccination Strategy' (Estrategia de Vacunación COVID-19, Ministerio de Sanidad). The vaccination will continue with other health professionals such as dentists and dependent people living at home and their professional carers. The Second group will be the 412.869 over 80s who live in Andalucia.

On Sunday 17-01-2021 the second doses (21 days) began to be administered, 22.161 people have received both doses and been issued with a QR code certificate.

Andalucia Data 22-01-2021

Andalucia will only be vaccinating 80% of doses received, holding back 20% to guarantee the second dose supply. A 'responsible and strategic decision' (Manuel Moreno) Contingency funds are normally measured in time. In this case, to provide second doses, it is three weeks supply that need to be assured. An ultra safe policy would be to reserve the entirety of the last three weeks vaccinations which was 150k doses. 20% is 42k and is a little arbitrary, perhaps when 20% reaches 150k in the coming months it will be pegged.

The Andalucia health minister reported on 10-01-2021 that 1.57% of people had refused the vaccine offered.

Spain has ordered 20,873,941 doses (via the EU contract) of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and has the option to triple that amount, however is only due to receive 4,591,275 doses (22%) by the end of March 2021. This equates to delivery of 356k a week of which 19% or 70.000 doses a week are being distributed to Andalucia. There is some dispute as to the ability to administer the sixth dose from a Pfizer vaccine vial. This naturally questions the delivered doses statistic. 

04-01-2021 The vice-president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Marín, said, it is hoped to have around 800,000 people vaccinated by the end of January and president Manuel Moreno said 11-01-2021 that he “hoped to have half of the Andalusian population of eight million people vaccinated by early next summer.” 

After a slow start Andalucia and other regions in late January have caught up with the supply and are now  'waiting' for their Monday delivery. This supply depends on the EU wide contracts signed by the EMA. Exact delivery schedules are not public in the EU Vaccination strategy but a detailed analysis suggests that in Andalucia (and EU) the current delivery rate will continue until the end of the first quarter 2021. It will then ramp up in second, third and fourth quarter. This analysis makes Marin's comment impossible and Moreno's comment rather optimistic but might reach nearly one third. 

Sources: Planned vaccination network dated 23-12-2020.
Plan 24x7 dated 12-01-2021

'Covid-19 Vaccination Strategy' (Estrategia de Vacunación COVID-19, Ministerio de Sanidad Updated 22-01-2021)

International travel restrictions

12-01-2021 Spain has again extended restriction on passenger travel on inbound flights from the UK until 02-02-2021 with the exception of Spanish nationals and those legally resident in Spain. Foreign national residents should carry their residence document (the green A4 EU residence certificate or the new TIE.) Explanatory PDF. Other documents are unlikely to be accepted, the UK Govt official advice is to check with airline. This Measure, introduced in response to the UK Coronavirus strain on 22-12-2020. Initially lasting until 05-01-2021, it was first extended until 19-01-2021.

08-01-2021 All international passengers will have to test negative for Covid-19 before travelling to the UK. The delayed measure comes into force at 04.00 Monday 18-01-2021. All travellers irrespective of nationality arriving by plane, train or boat will have to take a test up to 72 hours before leaving their departure. This was announced by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

This It will be on top of the rule to self-isolate for 10 days when arriving in the UK.

There will, however, be a small number of exemptions, including hauliers, children under 11, and those travelling from countries without the infrastructure to deliver tests. 

Easter 2021

14-01-2020 The Bishop of Málaga has cancelled the Semana Santa processions but authorised a series of services and events at the brotherhood's bases, all in accordance with Coronovirus protection rules.

29-12-2020 Seville's Easter processions in 2021 now officially cancelled for second year running. The Archbishop of Seville, Monsignor Juan José Asenjo has suspend Holy Week processions in 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

18-12-2020 Andalucia President, Juanma Moreno, said in a radio interview that "everything seemed to indicate that there will not be a Semana Santa (Easter or Holy Week) in Andalucía in 2021". This will be the second year the Holy Week processions have been cancelled.

17-12-2020 Seville Town Hall confirmed that the Seville April Fair would not take place. The mayor explained that in a best case scenario only 30% of the population would be immunised by then.

Updated statistics


The number of positive Coronavirus tests and hospital admissions in Andalucia had decreased during December with a low-point on Christmas Day. The upturn is now known as the third wave. The number of positive tests has overtaken the second wave. The number of cases is still increasing, although the rate has slowed a little in the last two days. Testing in Andalucia is at a high of 198 thousand a week (20% +ve). The number of hospital admissions is still increasing as is the number of hospital patients approaches the second wave peak.

If you are going to look at one graph then the 7-day rolling total (which smooths out the daily reporting anomalies) of Andalucia cases and hospital admissions is the one.

Andalucia still reports less cases (per 100.000 population) than most other regions. This is academic as all regions are currently high and mainly increasing. 



Andalucia Statistics

The number of positive Coronavirus tests in the last seven days was 38.571 and  those with symptoms numbered 4.108. In the last fourteen days positive test were 76.788 and those with symptoms numbered 20.566 giving a Andalucia AI(14d) rate of 912. Cases every day since March are shown on the graph. There been have been a total of 371.542 positive tests in Andalucia since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The number of tests carried out in the last week was 198.575. (It had peaked in the second wave to 158.000 then fell to 78.000 in early January). The number of tests proving positive has risen to 20% (It dropped had from 20% in November to 8% at Christmas)  Data 17-01-2021

Confirmed cases that required hospital admission in Andalucia in the last seven days number 1.144, the total admissions for the pandemic is 27.136 Confirmed cases that required intensive care admission in Andalucia in last seven days was 71 the total for the pandemic is 2.641.

The number of Coronavirus patients currently in Andalucia hospitals is 3.357 of which 454 are currently in intensive care. As reported by Ministerio de Sanidad  22-01-2021. The second wave peak was 3.478 (10-11-2020) of which 460 were in intensive care. The first wave peak was  2.709 (30-03-2020) of which 438 were in intensive care.

There have been 199 deaths in Andalucia in last seven days. The total for the pandemic is 5.968.

The number of cases diagnosed in the last 14 days per 100,000 populations in Spain is now  795 (second wave peak was 595). In Andalucia it is now 744 (third wave peak 797 on 21-01-2021, second wave peak 580 and a Christmas low of 135.  See updated chart of case rates for all 17 regions at the foot of our Confirmed Cases page.

The number of cases in Andalucia (since May) that have been identified as 'imported from another country' is 969 plus 32 were in the seven days to 20-01-2021. This figure includes all methods of transport from Airplanes to 'pateras'.

Andalucia data above was published on 25-01-2021. Spain data on 22-01-2021.

The confirmed cases, hospitalisation, intensive care, and died by the 8 Andalucia provinces can be seen on the Confirmed Cases page.

Costa del Sol
Costa del Sol (health district) has recorded 2.681 cases in the last week, and 5.198 in last fourteen days giving a AI(14d) rate of 951. Total of 19.486 positive tests since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Confirmed cases that required hospital admission in Costa del Sol (health district) in the last week number 118, the total admissions for the pandemic is 1.386. Confirmed cases that required intensive care admission in Costa del Sol in last week was 2, the total for the pandemic is 118. Costa del Sol health district has recorded 2 deaths in the last week, total for the pandemic is 230.

Costa del Sol data above was published on 25-01-2021.



News Updates - Continued

11-11-20 (updated 14-11-2020) Spanish Health Minister, Salvador Illa announced that all those entering Spain from high-risk zones by air or sea from 23-11-2020 would be required to have a certificate of a negative coronavirus PCR test (not antibody or antigen) taken within the previous 72 hours. The high-risk zones are guided by European Centre for Disease prevention and Control's recommendation map of zones of over 150 cases in last 14 days per 100.000 populations. This is currently all Europe except Norway, Finland and parts of Greece. A full list of zones was published in the BOE (state gazette) and will be updated every 15 days. The measure does not apply to land borders (Portugal, France Gibraltar, Andorra). Travellers should pre-register at www.spth.gob.es and obtain QR code for presentation to airline and on arrival. By exception travelers unable to register online should present original test certificates in English or Spanish. Existing measures; temperature checks, visual symptoms, and declaring residence details still apply. These measures will be in place until at least 18-01-2021

10-11-2020 (Updated 10-12-2020) From 1 January 2021 international tourists in Andalucia will be covered by a Covid health insurance arranged and paid for by the regional government Junta de Andalucia.  The insurance will cover any circumstances relating to Covid such as medical and surgical and hospital bills, pharmaceutical costs, additional accommodation cost for isolation plus repatriation if necessary. The maximum claim is 4.000€ and the policy excess is 100€. The insurance policy covers tourists who are NOT resident in Spain of any age, staying in a regulated property; Hotel, Tourist Apartment, Apartment, Pension, Casa Rural or Camping. This does not include a holiday rental property (whether registered or not) or staying in own or friends residence. Tourists should complete and sign an insurance form at the accommodation check-in.

27-10-2020 The international borders into Andalucia/Spain are not closed by the National Government. However once a traveller is on Andalucia soil, Regional travel restrictions if applicable apply. Andalucia operates a system of four levels (niveles) of measures of protection against Coronavirus. Municipal districts are declared to be in Level 2,3, or 4. To look up the level in any town and read the detailed procedures to follow,  see our Four levels page. If a municipality perimiter is  closed (such as Malaga is currenty) you will need a justified reason to travel from the airport you your destination. Returning residents are justified. Visiting a holiday home or hotel is not explicitly listed as justified and this remains a grey area.  

23-10-2020 It became obligatory to wear a face-mask in cafes, bars, and restaurants, at all times, except when actually eating or drinking. 

25-10-2020 Pedro Sanchez, national government president, announced on television Sunday afternoon a new national ‘State of Alarm’ had been approved by the cabinet (Consejo de Ministros) with immediate effect. Initially the new state of alarm covered two weeks, however Congress later approved single extension to 09-05-2021.)

Municipal statistics

The latest statistics for any municipality can be looked up in these tables by province; Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga, Sevilla.

A map of Andalucia showing all the municipal districts and their Coronavirus case rates can be see on our Municipal map page. This info source can also be seen here.

There remain only 15 municipalities in Andalucia (out of 785) whose residents have not recorded a single case of Coronavirus. They are all small inland villages. Read the fast decreasing list on our Confirmed cases page.

Historical data can be seen from the graphs on Confirmed cases, Hospitalised cases, Coronavirus Deaths.  




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