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Coronavirus in Andalucia, News and Statistics

Masks are not required in Andalucia except on public transpot or in health centres © Michelle Chaplow
Masks are not required in Andalucia except on public transpot or in health centres

Coronavirus in Costa del Sol and Andalucia

Page or section last updated Monday 24-10-22.

News Update

27-01-2023 From the 7th February it will be no longer necessary to wear a mask on public transport in Spain. It still remains a requirement in health locations such as pharmacy and hospitals.

24-10-2022 From the 24th October 2022 all personas 60 years old or over an receive the second Covid-19 booster.

17-10-2022 From the 17th October 2022 all personas 65 years old or over an receive the second Covid-19 booster and Flu vaccine.

From 21 October 2022, all COVID-19 travel restrictions for travellers to Spain have been lifted. The rules that previously applied to travellers coming to Spain no longer apply:
you are no longer required to show proof of being fully vaccinated
you are no longer required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test
you are no longer required to show proof of having recovered from COVID-19 in the last 6 months.
you are no longer required to complete a health control form prior to travel.

05-10-2022 On Monday 3rd October the campaign to give a fourth Covid vaccine (second booster) to those who are aged 80 and over. Residents of care homes and centres for the disabled can also receive vaccine. The Flu vaccine will be administered at the same time.

30-09-2022 Flu vaccine and Covid-19 booster vaccination schedule 2022/3. From 17 October people aged between 65 and 79 and anyone aged between five years and 64 with chronic illnesses; pregnant women; people who are heavily dependent on others and those who care for them. From 24 October, people aged between 60 and 64 will be included plus members of the armed forces and security forces.

22-07-2022 Andalucía will administer the 4th dose or second booster vaccine in the autumn. David Moreno, director of the strategic vaccination plan said during a radio interview. As with the first booster, priority will be given to the over-60s, vulnerable people, frontline health personnel and nursing home residents. Supplies are expected arrive in September or October.

Reminder that to enter Spain still requires a Vaccination certificate (no locator form is needed). Non vaccinated travellers can enter Spain with a negative COVID-19 test: either a PCR taken within 72 hours prior to departure, or an antigen test taken within 24 hours prior to departure. Non vaccinated travellers must still complete a Spanish locator form. 

It is no longer obligatory to wear masks inside buildings in Spain. The exceptions are health centres, hospitals, clinics, pharmacias and visitors to care homes. Passengers on trains, buses, taxi and airplanes must still wear a mask. A face mask is required on international flights TO Spain.

Previous news updates dating back to March 2020 are archived on the Coronavirus Chronology page.

Vaccinations statistics

Andalucia has now administered 4,204,825 booster doses. This is currently 1,500 a day (based on the last seven days). By comparison the initial campaign peaked at 120.000 a day. 17,273,589 doses in total have been administered since the beginning of the initial campaign. 

From the initial campaign 97.8 % of the (over 12 yrs) population have been fully vaccinated.  

1,062,000 doses of children's Pfizer have been delivered to Andalucia. Of the 725,275 five to eleven year olds in Andalucia 446,800 or 61% have received their first vaccination dose and 352,838 or 48% have completed the course. 

Vaccination data published on 25-05-2022.   

Current Travel requirements - July 2021

Travel to Spain from UK

The #SpTH locator Form is no longer necessary for travel to Spain if you have an NHS COVID Pass or an EU Digital COVID Certificate. Travellers under the age of 12 and passengers in international transit (in Spain) do not have to show a certificate or SpTH QR.

If you do not have the EU Digital COVID Certificate or equivalent NHS Covid Pass, you must complete the SpTH Health Control Form manually entering the details of your vaccination, recovery or diagnostic test certificate. In the case of adults, a complete vaccination certificate will be valid from 14 days after the administration of the last dose and will be valid up to 270 days from the administration of this last dose. The vaccination certificate with complete schedule for children under 18 has no expiry date.

For those requiring test certificates: Sample collection must be performed within 72 hours prior to departure for Spain for NAAT (nucleic acid amplification tests, e.g. RT-PCR, RT-LAMP, TMA) or 24 hours for RAT (rapid antigen test).

For those providing recovery certificate: a person is considered to have recovered from COVID-19 after the disease has passed, provided that more than 11 days have elapsed since the first positive NAAT or RAT was performed, and this recovery shall be valid for 180 days thereafter.

Non vacinated UK residents travelling for non essential reasons (ie tourists) can enter Spain. In this case they are required to provide certification of a negative PCR test taken in the 72 hours before arrival or an Antigen test 24hrs before arrival.These certificates should be uploaded to the obligitory health entry form found at www.spth.gob.es or the SpTH App, to obtain a QR code to be shown upon entry.

Read UK government’s information on Coronavirus advice for travel to Spain and entry rules currently in place.

Read Spanish Government Health Ministry page (in English ) on travelling to Spain.

Travel to UK from Spain

Fully vaccinated (two doses from UK, NHS or EU or USA plus 14 days) travellers arriving in the UK from Spain (and other non red list countries) do NOT need to take a pre flight Covid-19 test nor self-isolate. Arriving travellers do NOT need to book a 'Day 2' test. Full details on UK Gov website.

09-07-2021 The UK Foreign Office has removed its travel advisary warning for Spain and more than 20 countries against all non-essential travel. “The FCDO no longer advises against all but essential travel to Spain, based on the current assessment of Covid-19 risks” Source. This means that standard travel insurance policies are no longer invalidated, and package holidays can go ahead.

Travel to USA
The USA opened its borders to fully vaccinated travellers from 33 countries on 8th November 2021. A negative test taken 72 hours before departure is still be required. The list of 33 countries includes Spain and all 26 Schengen counties and the UK and Ireland.

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