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Coronavirus in Andalucia, News and Statistics

Masks are compulsory in Andalucia  Covid © Michelle Chaplow
Masks are compulsory in Andalucia
Levels of alert from 09-04-2021
Levels of alert from 09-04-2021
Villages with perimeters closed and those also with all non essential activity stopped.
Villages with perimeters closed and those also with all non essential activity stopped.

Coronavirus in Costa del Sol and Andalucia

Page or section last updated Wednesday 14-04-2021 at 18.15 hrs.

News update

08-04-2021 As you can see from the graph above of the number of cases (presented in a rolling 7 day format to smooth daily spikes and weekend reporting lag) is increasing. The weekly meeting of the territorial committee has published the levels of measures required in each of the Andalucia health districts and the perimeter closures of municipalities.

08-04-2021 A new National law came into force on 30-03-2021 requiring the wearing of facemasks for all those 6 yrs and over in all indoor and outdoor public places including streets and open spaces. Exceptions being medical reason, individual sport. The measures were already required in Andalucia. Following push back from the regions this was modified to deem bathing in sea, lake, river or swimming pool as incompatable with masks. During a 'moment of rest' before and after bathing (or water sports) does not require masks as long as the person is stationary and maintains a minimum 1.5m distance from other persons not in their bubble.

31-03-2021 Spanish Government has lifted the special 'British Covid strain' restrictions on arrivals from the UK from 18.00 30-03-2021. Since 22-12-2020 only Spanish nationals and foreign residents had been permitted to enter Spain by air or sea. However while the restrictions were in force the UK Brexit transition period ended (31-12-2020) and UK now comes under Spain's worldwide Covid arrival regulations. Therefor only those who can demonstrate through documentary evidence an essential need to enter Spain will according to the regulations be admitted. The permitted list of reasons is listed on the UK Gov Travel Advice Spain.

29-03-2021 British government's new Covid regulations came into force. They include travel abroad to 'buy, rent, let out or sell a second home' as a justifiable reason to leave England.

26-03-2021 Weekly update on the health districts and levels of protection measures .

Note the levels on the Andalucia map above or look up the status and the level of measures in force in any  any town or village in Andalucia check the interactive map at the top of our Four levels page.

19-03-2021 Modification to the Coronavirus measures were introduced Friday. These cover the Easter period until 09-04-2021. The curfew will be from 23.00 hrs to 06.00. Bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and business can stay open until 22.30 hrs. Social meetings are limited to six people, apart from the inside of bars, cafés and restaurants, where the maximum is four. The border closure of Andalucia and its 8 provinces will continue.

The rules on municipalities closing borders at 500 cases AI(14d) rate and business at 1.000 AI(14d) rate continue. There are five exceptions to the movement rules; work obligations, taking exams or official tests, returning to a normal place or residence, caring for elderly and medical tests.



Andalucia Statistics

Andalucia has administered 1.910.185 doses since the beginning of the campaign of which 543.734 are second doses.  236.030 doses were included in last Tuesdays delivery (12-04-2021) substantially down on previous weeks record 368.060 (06-04-2021) delivery. This is probably because there was no AstraZenica in the delivery and the expected Janssen was suddenly suspended. (176,250, 117.250, 157.960, 175.430, 178.620 163.300, 133.600 were delivered in the previous weeks and January's average was 73.000). The current rate of administration is now 32.000 (based on average over last week) per day.  At this daily rate, it will take 1.1 years to vaccinate (two doses) all Andalucia, although delivery is expected to substantially increase in second and again in third quarter of 2021 as shown in the graph on the Coronavirus Vaccinations page. Data to 14-04-2021

Read more about Coronavirus Vaccinations in Andalucia including delivery predictions.

The number of cases (positive Coronavirus tests) in the last seven days was 9.951 and  those with symptoms numbered 772. In the last fourteen days positive test were 18.886 and those with symptoms numbered 6.206 giving a Andalucia AI(14d) rate of 223 Cases every day since March are shown on the graph. There been have been a total of 526.275 positive tests in Andalucia since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, this is about 6% of the population.

The number of tests carried out in the last week was 79.643. The third wave testing peak was 255.313 on 28-01-2021, second wave peak was 158.000 then dropping to a low of 78.000 in early January). The number of tests proving positive is now 10% (It dropped from 20% in November to 8% at Christmas and rose again to 20% last January)  Data 05-04-2021

Confirmed cases that required hospital admission in Andalucia in the last seven days number 314. The total admissions for the pandemic is 42.309. Confirmed cases that required intensive care admission in Andalucia in last seven days was 26 the total for the pandemic is 4.485.

The number of Coronavirus patients currently in Andalucia hospitals is 1.397 (up from low of 1.059 on 28-03-2021 and down from peak of 4.962 on  31-01-2021) of which 287 are currently in intensive care. (up from low of 243 on 28-03-2021 and down from peak of 724 on 09-02-2021). The second wave peak was 3.478 (10-11-2020) of which 235 were in intensive care. The first wave peak was  2.709 (30-03-2020) of which 438 were in intensive care. Current data as reported by Ministerio de Sanidad on 29-03-2021, data up to 28-03-2021

There have been 25 deaths in Andalucia in last seven days. The total for the pandemic is 9.475.

The number of cases diagnosed in the last 14 days per 100,000 populations in Spain is now  174 (the recent low was 128 on 16-03-2021, the third wave peak was 890 on 29-01-2021, the second wave peak was 595). In Andalucia the rate is also now 223  (the recent low was 128 on 24-03-2021, third wave peak which was 959 on 01-02-2021, the second wave peak was 580 and between them a low of 135 on Christmas day).  See updated chart of case rates for all 17 regions at the foot of our Confirmed Cases page.

The number of cases in Andalucia (since May) that have been identified as 'imported from another country' is 1.562 plus 28 were in the seven days to 07-04-2021. This figure includes all methods of transport from Airplanes to 'pateras'.

Andalucia data above was published on 14-04-2021. Spain data on 12-04-2021.




There remain only 8 municipalities in Andalucia (out of 785) whose residents have not recorded a single case of Coronavirus. They are all small inland villages with very small populations. Read the decreasing list at the foot of our Confirmed cases page.

Historical data can be seen from the graphs on Confirmed cases, Hospitalised cases, Coronavirus Deaths.  



Seven Key measure remain

Seven key measures came into effect on Sunday 17-01-2021 and still apply.

Closure of the Andalucia land border remains.
Travel between the 8 provinces is NOT permitted (except for justified exceptions).
Closure of the perimeter of any municipality with an AI(14d) rate over 500.
Closing of all bars/cafe/restaurants and shops in Andalucia at 18.00 hrs.
Reduction from 6 to 4 of the maximum number of people meeting together in any place including cafes/bars.
Closing of all non essential activity in any municipality with an AI(14d) rate over 1000.
Curfew remains at 22.00 hrs to 06.00.

The general justified exceptions are explained on 10-11-2020 on the Coronavirus Cronology page. There are a number of interesting additional exceptions to inter provincial travel noted in the official publication in the BOJA. Inter provincial travel will be permitted to practice winter leisure sport on snow or ice. In order to prove this journey you must to pre-purchase a Sierra Nevada Ski –forfait– pass online. Monachil local police are checking paperwork at the entrance to the resort. Similarly inter provincial travel for hunting is permitted as long as it is linked to the control of the overabundance of game species that can cause damage to ecosystems. Also inter provincial travel for federated, high-level or high-performance athletes and coaches for official sports competitions. All are as long as you are NOT travelling FROM a closed municipality.

International travel restrictions

30-01-2021 Spain has again extended restriction on passenger travel on inbound flights from the UK until 15-02-2021 with the exception of Spanish nationals and those legally resident in Spain. Foreign national residents should carry their residence document (the green A4 EU residence certificate or the new TIE.) Explanatory PDF. Other documents are unlikely to be accepted, the UK Govt official advice is to check with airline. This Measure, introduced in response to the UK Coronavirus strain on 22-12-2020. Initially lasting until 05-01-2021, it was first extended until 19-01-2021 and then to 02-02-2021

08-01-2021 All international passengers will have to test negative for Covid-19 before travelling to the UK. The delayed measure comes into force at 04.00 Monday 18-01-2021. All travellers irrespective of nationality arriving by plane, train or boat will have to take a test up to 72 hours before leaving their departure. This was announced by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

This It will be on top of the rule to self-isolate for 10 days when arriving in the UK.

There will, however, be a small number of exemptions, including hauliers, children under 11, and those travelling from countries without the infrastructure to deliver tests. 

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